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Donald Trump
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Love him or hate him, there's no denying Donald Trump was the 45th President of the United States.

But that's one of the few wins of his life and even that was tainted with failure.

He never won a popular vote—losing to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 62,984,828 to 65,853,514 in 2016 and losing to President Joe Biden 74,223,975 to 81,283,501 in 2020. Trump did manage to secure an electoral college win in 2016.

If you're doing the math, Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 by 2,868,686 and lost in 2020 by a staggering 7,059,526 votes. If not for a handful of states tipping the electoral college scales, Trump never would have been President.

But despite that 2016 electoral college win, President Trump remained unpopular with the masses.

Throughout his presidency, Trump only made it above a 50% approval rating a few times on the conservative leaning Rasmussen polls. He failed to make it above 50% approval on other national polling.

Still, blinded by the maniacal devotion of Trump’s MAGA minions, the former President and his acolytes claimed shock when a man who was never popular with the electorate failed to win reelection.

Citing things like bumperstickers, flags and lawn signs as their only proof, Trump and his fans continue to question the election results. Public claims made by a guy who sells pillows and a revolving door of lawyers have so far failed to produce any real proof of election fraud.

Of the dozens of lawsuits Trump filed against the 2020 election results, he lost every one for lack of evidence.

State and local investigations found only a handful of people who committed voter fraud and they almost exclusively voted for Donald Trump making his loss in the popular vote even greater.

Trump's presidency followed a life of failed business ventures all bearing his name: Trump Airlines, Trump casinos, Trump Steaks, Trump University to name a few.

Trump's foray into charity resulted in charges of fraud when it was proven most of the charities' funds were siphoned off into Trump owned businesses.

The Trump's managed to avoid prison by dissolving all their "charities" and agreeing to never create another one.

In a presidential win marked by the failure to win the popular vote, a presidency that failed to garner public support and a lifetime of high profile failures, failure has become an integral part of Trump's legacy.

Actor, activist and icon George Takei asked Twitter:

"I know it's hard to narrow it down, folks, but what would you say is Donald's biggest failure of all?"

And Twitter responded.

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Donald Trump

Psychologists often point to Trump's childhood as the "spare" in a family of ruthless real estate moguls who made their fortune as cruel slumlords.

Trump grew up in the shadow of heir apparent Fred Jr.—his father’s namesake. He struggled in school—being kicked out of several boarding schools—before being shipped off to military school.

If not for the alcoholism that caused the untimely death of Fred Jr., Donald Trump would likely be a relative unknown.

After a life of relative neglect by powerful personalities like Fred and Mary Trump, Donald was ill-equipped emotionally and intellectually for the responsibility.