The Trump Budget Contains a $2 Trillion Math Mistake

President Trump released his 2018 budget plan on Tuesday, which calls for $4.1 trillion in spending and includes massive cuts to social programs, reflecting the priorities laid out in his budget proposal released in March. Included in Trump’s budget: $800+ billion in cuts to Medicaid $272 billion in cuts to welfare programs, including a massive $192 billion cut in SNAP … Continued

Budget Deal Just Reached Is Big Blow to Trump Programs

BUDGET AGREEMENT DIGEST: CNN, Fox News, CNN After passing a one-week stopgap funding bill on Friday, Congress has reached a bipartisan agreement to fund the government through September. This $1.07 trillion deal, if passed through Congress, would serve as a rebuke to the dealmaker-in-chief, who has been vocal in his policy priorities even as his … Continued

Trump Budget Threatens A Lost Generation in American Science

If a budget is a statement of priorities, Donald Trump made clear with his recent budget proposal just how low on his list of priorities funding medical research falls. The level of cuts he has proposed has the scientific community fearing a lost generation of life-saving medical research.

Schwarzenegger Blasts Trump Over Kids

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took President Donald Trump to task for his budget plan, specifically for the cuts to after-school programs. Trump has proposed cutting the $1.2 billion that funds the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant program as part of the 13.5% cut in the education budget. “Why would he do that?” Schwarzenegger said. “Why … Continued

A Tale of Two Budgets: What Canada Just Proposed Puts U.S. to Shame

Canada has unveiled its 2017 budget plan and it stands in stark contrast to the budget presented by President Donald Trump last week. The Canadian budget focuses on social programs, not the military, and defines “a strong Canada” with programs focused on universal health care, programs for veterans, and plans to address gender inequality. Some … Continued

Costly Military Blunders in 2015

In 2015, the U.S. military budget was greater than the combined military budgets of the six highest spending nations. Though it is difficult to pinpoint where the money was spent, here are nine incidents showing where some of that money was squandered.



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