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Wealthy Trump Associates Accused of Breaking the Law With Plan to Sell Vets' Medical Records

Critics of former President Donald Trump's administration found new depths in its corruption upon revelations covered in a joint House committee investigation.

Their report found that, as President, Trump empowered three wealthy allies—Ike Perlmutter, Marc Sherman, and Dr. Bruce Moskowitz—as "advisers" to interfere with operations at Veterans Affairs in pursuit of their own interests. Trump vowed at the time in 2017 that, despite having no Military experience, the trio would "straighten out the VA".

Most shockingly, the trio—on behalf of the federal government—proposed monetizing VA patient data and selling it to corporations like Johnson and Johnson, CVS, and Apple. What's more, the report details that both Trump and his son-in-law (and senior advisor), Jared Kushner, knew of the talks.

After an update on the plan from Perlmutter, Kushner responded:

"Great — he [Trump] is excited for your dinner together!"

Documents also revealed that Moskowitz exploited his position to pressure the VA to expand its role in a medical device federal registry that Moskowitz's nonprofit was promoting at the time.

The report concluded:

"Our joint investigation found that Ike Perlmutter, Marc Sherman, and Dr. Bruce Moskowitz, bolstered by their connection to President Trump's private Mar-a-Lago club, violated the law and sought to exert improper influence over government officials to further their own personal interests."

House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney of New York cited the report in calling for the passage of her bill, the Federal Advisory Committee Transparency Act.

Social media users were disturbed at the corruption Trump's administration sicced upon the VA.

In their opposition to vaccine passports, Trump's supporters often falsely claim that businesses asking for vaccines counts as a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In reality, HIPAA only prohibits doctors and healthcare providers from disclosing their patients' medical records without consent. It doesn't forbid private businesses from asking an individual to voluntarily disclose their vaccinations.

Many said the Trump administration's efforts to monetize the medical records of veterans was, in fact, an actual HIPAA violation.

The HIPAA-crosy never ends.