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Video Of Joe Rogan Gleefully Predicting A 'Red Wave' Resurfaces–And It Did Not Age Well

Days before the election, Joe Rogan predicted a 'red wave' would wipe Democrats out 'like the elevator doors opening up in The Shining.'

Joe Rogan
The Joe Rogan Experience

Practically everyone expected a so-called "Red Wave" in Tuesday's elections, largely due to polling averages being skewed by poor-quality, biased Republican-led polls.

But perhaps nobody seemed more certain of a "Red Wave" than controversial podcaster Joe Rogan.

On an October episode of his show "The Joe Rogan Experience"—on which Rogan has frequently elevated far-right extremists and the conspiracy theory du jour—Rogan mocked liberals while crowing about how decisive Republicans' successes would be in Tuesday's midterms.

And well... it hasn't aged well at all, since pretty much the polar opposite of that is what actually happened.

See Rogan's world-class bad take below.

In the episode, which dropped last week, Rogan said:

"The Red Wave that's coming is going to be like the elevator doors opening up in 'The Shining.' That's what I think."

You think so, huh Joe?

Okay then, what else?

"I think people are just like, 'What the fu*k are you saying?' [Liberals are] making Republicans."

Comedian Bridget Phetasy, who appeared on the episode with Rogan, agreed heartily using anecdotal evidence from her family as confirmation Rogan's predictions would bear out on November 8.

"I had a family member who's a Boomer and a diehard liberal and they told me when I was home this summer that they would vote for DeSantis and I'm like 'How did you lose this person?'... You've lost even the Boomers!"

Ah yes, the Baby Boomers, the demographic that has famously only grown more liberal in their old age.

It's not like they form the backbone of not only the Republican Party but also Trump's MAGA cult and the QAnon conspiracy theory or anything. Can't believe one of them would vote for DeSantis.

At another point in the episode, Rogan blames this supposed mass shift from Democrats to Republicans that didn't happen on liberals' embrace of so-called "woke ideology."

Because of course he did.

But in the end, not only did the Republicans not win a wave of any kind but the likelihood of them even taking over the House of Representatives, though still the odd-on outcome, has grown slimmer by the day.

And when state-level races like governorships are factored in? Tuesday's election is shaping up to be the worst showing for an opposition party since 1934.

Turns out Republicans' anti-abortion extremism, open attempts to dismantle democracy, obsession with Donald Trump and victimization of literal children who are transgender for political gain matter more to the electorate than "woke" ideologies.

Sorry to disappoint, Mr. Rogan.

On Twitter, there has been no shortage of mockery of Rogan's face-plant.

Better luck next time, Joe.