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Fox News Panel Rips Boris Johnson For Lacking 'Integrity' And Resisting Leaving Office–And The Irony Is Real
Fox News

The hosts of Fox News' Fox & Friends had harsh criticism for soon to be former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Steve Doocy, Rachel Campos-Duffy and Brian Kilmeade discussed Johnson's errors while in office.

You can see their comments here:

Doocy said:

"...the British people did not trust him. He would say one thing and would do something else and it would pop up in the tabloids."
"It's a question of integrity."
"He has refused to go even though people have been calling for him to hit the pavement for a while, because he would say, ‘look, I had a mandate. I had an additional 14 million votes from voters who voted for me in 2019. So I'm going to stick around’ and he stuck around until he saw the writing on the wall."

Duffy added Johnson's COVID response was a major failure.

The clip was shared on Twitter by journalist Aaron Rupar—making the obvious connection Fox & Friends missed:

"Fox & Friends obliviously criticizing Boris Johnson for being untrustworthy, refusing to leave office, creating chaos, and mishandling Covid—after years of running interference for you know who—is pretty rich."

The trio faced widespread criticism for pointing out shortcomings in Johnson they ignored from former Republican President Donald Trump.

Rupar added to his tweet:

"Irony was murdered, resurrected, and then killed again about five different times in this clip. A classic."

Johnson announced on Thursday he would be resigning.