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Cameras caught an awkward moment of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump exiting Air Force One on Sunday evening.

Footage showed the President repeatedly trying to hold the First Lady's hand as they descended the steps. The First Lady withdrew it multiple times before the President stopped.

Watch below.

After the couple got down the stairs, the pair eventually joined hands as they walked across the tarmac. Some defended her, claiming she only withdrew her hand to keep her dress down.

That didn't stop speculation that even the First Lady was repulsed by the President.

Some people even joked that she might be voting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Others reminded viewers of the video that the First Lady has fully stood by her husband's positions, even the racist conspiracy theories regarding former President Barack Obama's citizenship.

Trump's first term has been rife with speculation regarding his and the First Lady's relationship, especially as reports emerged of Trump's alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels, just months after the birth of his and Mrs. Trump's only son, Barron.

She's also been spotted apparently swatting his hand away before.

Others were less concerned about the dynamic between the President and First Lady, focusing instead on the dynamic between the President and the country.