HBO via Real Time with Bill Maher/Youtube

As host of HBO's Real Time, Bill Maher isn't afraid to point out the partisan hypocrisy rampant in Washington, DC.

Maher interviewed Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) chairman Matt Schlapp about his support of President Donald Trump, whose two and a half hour speech at CPAC rallied Conservatives but raised eyebrows among everyone else.

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Credit: HBO

Bill Maher is not buying the argument that both sides of the American political aisle are to blame for the trillion dollar deficit and the discord rampant within the country.

The Real Time with Bill Maher host, known for lampooning Democrats and Republicans, explained in an impassioned diatribe that Republicans share the vast majority of blame for the state of the United States. Maher cited Norm Ornstein and Thomas Mann, nonpartisan congressional analysts for the past 50 years, who wrote a 2012 article blaming Republican lawmakers for the lack of legislation in congress and the lack of unity in the United States.

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