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Geraldo Tried to Own Anti-Trump Republicans by Asking What They Stand for and They Made Him Instantly Regret It
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

On Sunday evening, conservative Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera conceded that there are "reasons to vote against" President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, but that he'd blame "Republican traitors" if Trump loses in November.

He followed the tweet by targeting Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, Republican political analyst Bill Kristol, and Republican lawyer George Conway—the three founders of the most visible anti-Trump Republican coalition, The Lincoln Project.

Rivera asked the men what they stood for beyond a "favorable mention" from the New York Times.

They didn't mince words in their response.

The Lincoln Project is highly active on Twitter, frequently responding to the President's erratic tweets with comical GIFs and memes.

The political action committee's official account quickly began mocking Rivera as well.

Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway—who is also the husband of presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway—didn't respond to the tweet directly, but he and Rivera have exchanged barbs on Twitter before.

Rivera called Conway a "punk" who was "rooting for the f***ing virus" after Conway tweeted against Trump's response to the pandemic that's killed over 160 thousand Americans. Conway responded that it was "better to be a punk than a hack."

The men behind the Lincoln Project weren't the only ones to answer Rivera's question.

The focus soon turned to assertions about what Rivera stood for.

Rivera hasn't responded to any of the men to whom he posed the question.