California’s Initial Votes Are In

Results as of 7:15 a.m. EST. This article will be updated as more results are reported. [DIGEST: Reuters, The Washington Post, The New York Times, LA Times] With polls now closed in California, Hillary Clinton leads over Bernie Sanders with 56.0 percent of the vote tabulated so far, with 94 percentof precincts reporting. As expected, … Continued

Would Sanders Be The Nominee If Superdelegate Rules Are Changed?

[DIGEST: CNN, Los Angeles Times] A CNN analysis reveals that a change in the way Democrats allocate their superdelegates––or even abolishing superdelegates altogether––would still result in Clinton maintaining her lead and place her close to winning the Democratic nomination. If, as Senator Bernie Sanders has suggested, the superdelegates in each state were automatically awarded to … Continued

Sanders Tells Clinton What His Support Would Require

[DIGEST: Yahoo, Washington Post] Bernie Sanders says that his support for Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee is “totally dependent” on whether she incorporates a progressive agenda into her campaign against the eventual Republican nominee. While Sanders intends to continue campaigning until California’s primary on June 7, he signaled awareness that he will likely … Continued

Wisconsin Election Results Prove Pivotal for Candidates

[DIGEST: ABC, 538, Washington Post] Results as of 11:37 AM EST With all eyes on the Wisconsin primary, experts wondered whether the favored candidates would pull off their expected wins. Polls have now closed in the Badger State, and major media outlets have called the Wisconsin primaries for Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic race and … Continued

Michigan a Nail Biter for Dems, May Knock Out GOP Contender

[DIGEST: CNN, ABC, Politico, KTVB, NYT, WSJ] As the Democratic race tightens, the Republicans look as though their field will get more narrow in the coming week. In a surprisingly tight race, Senator Bernie Sanders beat Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Michigan primary. With 99% of the vote counted, Senator Sanders is at … Continued

Next Round of Super Tuesday Results Gives Hope to Contenders

This article will be updated as further returns come in. Contributions by Second Nexus Staff and Alan Jude Ryland The second set of Super Tuesday results are in, and they reveal some surprising strength for Trump’s and Clinton’s rivals. Cruz took two states, Rubio was leading in early returns in Minnesota, while Sanders managed to … Continued

Hillary Won South Carolina. But Did Her African-American “Firewall” Hold?

This article has been updated to reflect the total percentages of the electorate.  [DIGEST: Politico, Bloomberg, CNN] South Carolina proved politically significant—perhaps even determinative—in the days leading up to the state’s Democratic primary. Pre-election polling confirmed that African American voters, who make up roughly 28% of the state’s population and 55% of the total Democratic … Continued



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