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Ben Shapiro Gets Dragged After He Tried to Rip Democrats for Not Wanting to Ban Crime
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

New York City is preparing for its mayoral primary on June 22, where residents will rank their choices in a crowded field of Democratic candidates, the winner of which is almost certain to win the general election later this year.

The candidates recently had their final debate, in which one question asked what they would ban in New York City if given the opportunity. New York Post reporter Sam Raskin tweeted candidates' answers, and far-right media personality Ben Shapiro attempted to slam some of the candidates for their responses.

The answers ranged from unhealthy drinks to ATVs, but Shapiro pointed out a glaring omission: crime.

Crime is, by definition, illegal, but as any Republican opposing basic gun law reform will tell you, bans don't completely eradicate violations.

Shapiro's calls for criminalizing crime were roundly mocked across social media.

Some were so amazed by the idiocy displayed in the tweet, they couldn't believe it was real.

Some social media users took aim at Shapiro's intelligence, noting his frequent efforts to frame himself as an intellectual.

This isn't the first time a Shapiro take has been excoriated by the internet. In 2017, Shapiro wondered why homeowners whose houses experience repeated flooding due to climate change don't just sell their homes. They responded with a resounding "Sell their homes to whom?"