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Melania Dragged for Scolding Democrats to Show a 'Better Display of Political Responsibility' for the 'Children Watching'

President Donald Trump isn't famous for his kindness or for his ability to be the more mature—or presidential—person when interacting with those who don't praise him.

The Commission on Presidential Debates had to alter its rules after Trump refused to stop interrupting both Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace in last month's debate. In that same appearance, he told the far-right violent militia, Proud Boys, to "stand back and stand by."

This month alone, Trump called NBC's Savannah Guthrie a "crazed lunatic." He attacked CBS' Lesley Stahl, key virus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and—of course—Joe Biden, among others.

Over the course of Trump's term, pipe bombs were mailed to his perceived enemies by a deranged supporter. A racist shooter in El Paso quoted Trump's rhetoric in his manifesto. Conspiracy theories that Trump was sent to save the country from a government of satanic, cannibal pedophiles have gone undenied from the Oval Office.

For his critics, Trump's tenure in office has been marred with reckless, and even dangerous scandals.

That's why they were confounded when First Lady Melania Trump, at a Pennsylvania campaign event, condemned Democrats' supposed lack of "political responsibility."

Watch below.

She said:

"This sham [impeachment] was led by opposition and their display of hatred is on display to this day. Children watching and learning about politics in our country deserve a better display of political responsibility and respect for our sacred institutions."

The First Lady's years-long campaign against cyberbullying—dubbed "Be Best"—has often been contradicted by her husband, whom many consider to be the most visible cyberbully in the world.

This new level of detachment from reality was even more astounding.

Soon, people were mourning irony.