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permafrost, can melting ice release viruses that are harmful to humans, zombie pathogens, diseases emerging because of global warming, diseases hidden in permafrost, diseases hidden in ice

As Climate Change Melts the Permafrost, ‘Zombie Pathogens’ May Be Released

As climate change melts the permafrost, slumbering pathogens may awaken and infect humans.

STUDY: Theories for Why Scarlet Fever Is Making a Comeback Around the World

An illness thought to be mostly eradicated is alarming scientists with its startling comeback.

gut bacteria, multiple sclerosis

Two New Studies Find Link Between Gut Bacteria And Multiple Sclerosis

Two new studies find that transferring MS patients’ gut bacteria to mice results in ...

Drug Resistant Bacteria

Overuse Of Antibiotics In Food Animals Is Spreading Drug-Resistant Bacteria

The global meat industry is soaking the planet in antibiotics — and drug-resistant bacteria ...


Google’s Sister Company Is Releasing 20 Million Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes Into The Wild

Google’s sister company Verily is releasing 20 million male mosquitoes in central California that ...

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