Credit: Stratolaunch/Youtube

Fans were rapt at the release of the first trailer for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker last week, but they won't have to wait long to see just how much human ingenuity has grown to mirror some of the flying structures of the famous franchise.

Spectators in the Mojave Desert were amazed as the largest plane on the planet—built and named for the company Stratolaunch—took to the skies for the first time. The flight comes eight years after construction on the plane began. The structure weighs over 500 thousand pounds and bears a whopping 385 foot wingspan.

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Eli Gershenfeld/NASA Ames Research Center

Humankind has made leaps and bounds in aviation since the Wright brothers first took flight. While the makes and models have changed and improved over decades, one consistent aspect has been the straightforward, unbending structure of the wing.

Now, researchers at NASA and MIT are looking to change that.

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US President Donald Trump waves as he boards Airforce One for a weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago. (Photo credit NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Growing concerns after the crashes of two Boeing 737 Max 8 jets in five months have led leaders across the world to ground the planes until risks can be more accurately assessed.

Until Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump was not among these leaders.

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