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GOP Rep. Called out for Taking Credit for 'Game-Changing' Infrastructure Funding She Voted Against
Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Last year, President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats secured passage of the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the bipartisan infrastructure bill—one facet of the administration's ambitious infrastructure and spending proposal.

Though the bill was passed with the support of 19 Republican Senators and 13 Republican Representatives, the vast majority of Republican lawmakers slammed the historic investment as a socialist takeover rife with reckless spending.

Among those Republicans was Congresswoman Ashley Hinson of Iowa, who said in a statement at the time of the bill's passage:

"The need to make meaningful investments in our nation’s real infrastructure—roads and bridges, locks and dams, and broadband—was sacrificed to advance a partisan, socialist spending spree."

She also said the bill was a "raw deal for Iowans" that represented "spending at its worst."

Now that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has earmarked nearly a billion dollars for the modernization of locks and dams on the upper Mississippi River, the Congresswoman is singing a much different tune.

In a joint statement celebrating the development, Hinson took credit for the funding she voted against, writing:

“The lock and dam system along the Upper Mississippi River is critical to Iowa’s agriculture economy and our country’s entire supply chain — this landmark investment will be game-changing for Iowans and communities along the Mississippi River like Dubuque. Over 60 percent of our nation’s grain exports travel through this lock and dam system, and it is a massive economic engine for the entire state. That’s why I helped lead a bipartisan group of my colleagues in urging the Administration to prioritize funding for these essential upgrades. I’ll always fight to ensure Iowans’ taxpayer dollars are reinvested at home in Iowa.”

In a tweet, Hinson boasted that "we" secured the funding.

But social media users had already seen the receipts.

Before long, "YOU VOTED AGAINST IT" was trending on Twitter.

The second part of Biden's infrastructure agenda—Build Back Better—remains stalled in the Senate.