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Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo appears on "Face the Nation." (CBS via Twitter.)

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo slammed politicians for their inaction in response to mass shootings, telling Americans to vote out all elected officials who are only “offering prayers” following the  Santa Fe High School shooting. Acevedo's response comes after 10 people died in the latest mass shooting to take place at a school.

"People at the state level and federal level in too many places in our country are not doing anything other than offering prayers," he said. "I'm grateful that I'm working a city with the mayor who is transformative, Sylvester Turner, and what we're starting to see is that local governments are starting to make a difference, and I think that the American people, gun owners, the vast majority of which are pragmatic and actually support gun sense and gun reform in terms of keeping guns in the right hands."

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