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Ann Coulter Just Came Out in Support of Mitch McConnell's Democratic Challenger in Savage String of Tweets
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Politicon // Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

Longtime Republican commentator and author Ann Coulter has been a stalwart conservative for decades, often evoking disgust for her irreverence and bigotry.

While she still holds those views, Coulter has broken away with mainstream Republicans, most notably with President Donald Trump. Coulter frequently chastises Trump on Twitter for not following through with his campaign promises, especially when it comes to his wall at the southern border. Unlike most Americans, Coulter calls for even stronger immigration measures—a position in line with her past nationalist rhetoric.

Now, Coulter is setting her sights on another prominent Republican: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

McConnell has been a source of Democrat frustrations for years. Perhaps most famously, McConnell played a key role in preventing the Senate confirmation of former President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee—and leaving a vacant seat on the Court for nearly a year, until Trump's election.

He did this with dozens of Obama judiciary nominees for lower courts as well, which paved the way for Trump to nominate a record number of judges, all the while criticizing his predecessor for leaving the seats open.

McConnell faces a competitive reelection campaign against former Marine pilot Amy McGrath, who recently—and narrowly—defeated progressive state Representative Charles Booker in a run-off election for Kentucky's Democratic Senate nomination.

Coulter's beef with McConnell appears to be rooted in his opposition to the heavily anti-immigrant former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who's currently campaigning for the state's Senate seat. Republican groups—with Mitch McConnell's blessing—are dropping an onslaught of negative ads against Kobach in hopes of bolstering his most formidable opponent, Congressman Roger Marshall.

Coulter didn't only shame McConnell on Twitter in a relentless tweet thread.

She appeared to endorse McGrath before pleading for Kentucky Republicans to abstain from voting if they couldn't vote for a Democrat.

McGrath, a moderate, still faces an uphill battle in beating the longtime incumbent, but her ability to generate funds is making her more formidable an opponent that McConnell's faced in the past.

People were surprised to see Coulter seemingly endorse a Democratic candidate.

It's worth noting that Coulter's opposition to McConnell is because of his opposition to a nationalist conservative candidate.

People assured she wasn't deserving of a redemption arc.

Kentucky will vote on November 3, along with the rest of the nation.