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TX Senator Called Out for Touting Rent Relief He Opposed Just Days After Slamming Biden for Helping Renters
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Last week, thanks to the work of progressive lawmakers like Democratic Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri, the Biden administration extended the pandemic-induced eviction moratorium for a majority of the country as millions of people were set to lose their homes and as the Delta variant continues to wreak havoc across the country.

The extension came months after Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, which included more than $20 billion in emergency rent relief, much of which has yet to be fully distributed.

In response to news of the extension, Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas accused the Biden administration of violating the Constitution.

But just days later, Cornyn was touting rent relief.

Like every other Senate Republican (except one, who didn't weigh in), Cornyn voted against the American Rescue Plan which provided the emergency rental assistance money he's now boasting on Twitter.

Cornyn said at the time of the bill's passage:

"More than 90 percent of the bill's total funding is not directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Democrat colleagues drafted this partisan bill by choice, not necessity. Their desire to turn a liberal wish list into law far outranked their interest in bipartisanship or unity."

People called him out for promoting the benefits of the legislation on Twitter without noting his own opposition to it.

They also noted that this isn't a new phenomenon for congressional Republicans.