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Last summer, former Vice President Joe Biden said on the campaign trail that his administration would prioritize cancer research and the search for a cure.

Donald Trump Jr., at a later campaign rally for his father, mocked Biden for supposedly insinuating that his administration would cure cancer.

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Smoking kills 1,200 people every day. Tobacco companies actively worked to make their product as addictive as possible. A safer cigarette never existed.

Ads with these statements just hit major television networks and newspapers this weekend. The message is not new, but the messenger is.

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After Donald Trump's remarks earlier this week doubling down on his claim that there is "blame on both sides" when it comes to the violence in Charlottesville, many politicians and even CEOs on his manufacturing council spoke out against his comments. The criticism led Trump to disband the council as well as his strategic and policy forum before more business leaders could jump ship.

But the fallout from Trump's offensive press conference has not been limited to his presidential duties, it's now hitting his business entities as well, in particular his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

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