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janet airlines, classified airline, secret government airline, janet airlines flight attendant, janet airlines conspiracy, McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

What Is ‘Janet’? Highly Classified US Airline Seeks Flight Attendant

Janet, a top-secret government airline that flies into the top-secret government-run Area 51 definitely ...

Disclosure, Disclosure Project, UFOs, Pentagon UFOs, UFOs coverup, alien conspiracy, Luis Elizondo

WATCH: Former Pentagon Official Luis Elizondo Says ‘We May Not Be Alone’

The Pentagon has confirmed the existence of the top secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification ...


Newly Discovered “Super-Earth” Could Hold The Key To Alien Life

Astronomers hope the discovery of an Earth-like exoplanet with an atmosphere 39 light years ...


Is There Life On Mars? Martian Air Could Finally Provide the Answer

Military biohazard laser could be used in the search for life on Mars and ...


The Chinese Just Turned On A Massive Alien-Hunting Telescope

China builds the world’s largest telescope, delivering the best possibility of finding alien life ...

Second Nexus

The Mystery Of The So-Called Alien Megastructure

Scientists cannot explain the strange behavior of a star 1500 light years away. Some ...

NASA Planetary Protection Officer Safeguards Possibility of Life on Mars

[DIGEST: NYTimes; PHYSORG; theguardian] Last month’s discovery of flowing water on Mars suggests that ...

Second Nexus

The Fermi Paradox, Expanded

In a casual conversation in 1950, among a number of eminent physicists of the time, ...

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