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Before Being Deported to Mexico, the Wife of an Iraq War Veteran Just Sent Donald Trump a Blistering Message
Alejandra Juarez and Donald Trump (Credit: Youtube/Oliver Contreras)

It's well-documented by now that the Trump administration didn't hesitate to separate immigrant children from their families, so it shouldn't be surprising that it's willing to separate husbands and wives as well.

That's what happened to Alejandra Juarez, who was deported to Mexico on Friday after living in the United States for two decades. Despite her husband, Cuauhtemoc “Temo” Juarez, being a military veteran who served two years in a combat unit in Iraq as well as two other tours overseas, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) did not make efforts to keep the military family together. Temo will now have to work over time to support the family. The family's local congressman, Darren Soto (D-FL), who'd been assisting in an effort to extend Juarez's residence in the United States, vowed not to give up on the family.

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