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Aviointeriors, Skyrider 2.0, standing airplane seat, standing airplane seat design

PHOTOS: Aviointeriors Debuts The Skyrider 2.0 ‘Standing’ Airline Seat

A new standing seat could make airline travel more unpleasant than ever. Or it ...

impact of tourism on climate change, tourism and climate change, tourism and climate change risks and opportunities

STUDY: Tourism Industry Emits Equivalent of 4.5 Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide Every Year

Researchers have found that tourism produces quadruple the amount of greenhouse-gas emissions as previously ...

janet airlines, classified airline, secret government airline, janet airlines flight attendant, janet airlines conspiracy, McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

What Is ‘Janet’? Highly Classified US Airline Seeks Flight Attendant

Janet, a top-secret government airline that flies into the top-secret government-run Area 51 definitely ...

British airways, reclining seats, reclining seats comfortable angle, removing reclining seats

British Airways Is Phasing Out Reclining Seats on Its Shorter Flights

British Airways will get rid of reclining seats, decrease legroom by one inch.