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Fox News Host Dragged After Claiming 'Even Democrats Love' Mike Pence

Ainsley Earhardt made people do a double take after gushing to Mike Pence that 'even Democrats love you.'

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt; Mike Pence
Fox News

If you're a Democrat, how do you feel about former Republican Vice President Mike Pence? Not exactly warm, right?

Sure he doesn't inspire quite as much animus as Donald Trump, the President he served alongside, but he's not exactly a beloved figure to the left.

But to hear Fox News tell it, every Democrat in the country thinks the former Vice President, who stood beside every craven, bigoted, often brazenly cruel move Trump made right up until the time he decided to attempt a coup and kill Pence, is a swell guy.

Pence made an appearance today on Fox's Outnumbered, and while talking about his 2024 presidential ambitions, Ainsley Earhardt claimed "even Democrats love" Pence.

See the moment below.

During their discussion about Pence's presidential ambitions, Earhardt asked Pence how he will be able to know whether running for president is truly a "calling" from God.

She asked the former Veep:

"But how do you know? I want to ask you a question about your faith, because we share the same faith. But how do you know that that is God calling you?"
"Because everywhere you go, people love you...even Democrats love you because you’re just a nice, wholesome, good person who does the right thing. And you’re honest. You’re honest."

Earhardt seemed to be driving at the notion there is so much goodwill towards Pence even Democrats love him, and so he might confuse love for God's "calling."

That's unhinged on several levels, but the notion Democrats love him might just be more bonkers than the notion God is personally choosing him to be President.

Sure, Democrats probably dislike Pence less than Trump, but it's pretty doubtful they're fans of the former Vice President. It took an act of treason to get him to oppose Trump, after all.

And that's before we even delve into his tenure as governor of Indiana, when he passed a law mandating parents hold funerals for miscarriages and abortions. That law was reinstated earlier this week after having been previously struck down.

It was that law along with his talent for legislating his religious fanaticism when it comes to LGBTQ+ people in Indiana, that rose Pence to national prominence and put him on Trump's running-mate radar in the first place.

Not exactly the type of guy Democrats are into, even if he is more polite about his virulent bigotry than most Christian nationalists.

As you might guess, Twitter found Earhardt's comments absurd.

Recent polling shows not only do Democrats pretty overwhelmingly dislike Pence, but he's not particularly well loved by Republicans either.

Nice try, Fox News.