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How Do Facial Recognition Sunglasses Help Chinese Law Enforcement Catch Criminals?

Chinese railway police are using facial-recognition sunglasses to catch suspects at train stations in ...

deepfake, deepfake pornography, AI generated pornography, online trolling and pornography, revenge porn

What Is a ‘Deepfake’? How Online Trolls Are Using AI to Create Fake Celebrity Sex Tapes

Using freely available AI software, internet lurkers create fake celebrity sex tapes that have ...

implications of ai, small talk algorithm, talking to ai, human ai relationships, human robot relationships, ai and humans

STUDY: Small Talk Algorithm Helps Improve Cooperation Between Humans & Artificial Intelligence

Researchers in Utah used “chit chat” to get artificial intelligence to cooperate with humans ...

STUDY: As Robots Evolve They Learn to Lie & Cheat

Robots made for sex might also have the capacity to do something else human ...

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