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'Survivor: Ghost Island': What Misplayed Advantage May Be Revealed on Ghost Island Tonight?

It’s only been two episodes and Ghost Island is already heating up with broken alliances, little white lies, and trips to the show’s namesake isle - Ghost Island. During a stay on the mysterious island, contestants have the opportunity to uncover an advantage from a prior season of Survivor. More than just a piece of nostalgia, the advantage is one that was misplayed, leading to a contestant’s downfall. So far, only one misplayed advantage has been revealed on Ghost Island. Before being sent home at the following tribal council, Jacob earned Sierra Dawn Thomas’ “legacy advantage” from Survivor: Game Changers, which he had to will to a rival tribe member.

Not every outcast to Ghost Island gets the opportunity to win an advantage, however. So far, Jacob is the only one while Chris and Donathan were left to just sit with their thoughts. The likelihood that the fourth inhabitant of Ghost Island will be given the opportunity to win a misplayed advantage is relatively high in tonight’s episode, but what may be at stake?

Through Survivor’s 35 seasons, not including Ghost Island, many advantages and idols never saw their full potential. The following is a possible list of those that may make their way onto the secluded island.

Steal a Vote Advantage

Stephen Fishbach, Survivor: Cambodia

During the ninth episode of Survivor: Cambodia, Stephen Fishbach forfeited immunity for a chance at winning an advantage. What he wound up scoring was the ability to steal another player’s Tribal Council vote until the final five, allowing him the chance to vote twice. After narrowly surviving the following council, Stephen played his advantage on the 29th day. Though it could have saved him, Fishbach wound up making a new enemy in Spencer Bledsoe, who aligned with Joe Anglim. With his gained vote, he, Jeremy Collins, Kimmi Kappenberg, and Tasha Fox split the five they had between Abi-Maria Gomes and Joe. When Spencer came in with a fourth vote against Stephen, however, it was enough to send him home, rendering his stolen vote moot.

Challenge Advantage

Malcolm Freberg, Survivor: Philippines

Malcolm spent 38 rough days in the glorious beauty of the Philippines before becoming the 14th tribal member voted off. To his dismay, he held an advantage that should have secured him the immunity idol. After besting Denise at the Reward Challenge, Malcolm was given the opportunity to restart the final Immunity Challenge should he fail. Charged with balancing a metal ball on a dowel rod, Malcolm survived two rounds before using, and almost immediately wasting, his advantage in the third. Despite pleading to Michael to keep him in the game, he became the 14th castaway voted out.

Unused Hidden Immunity Idol

Jon Misch, Survivor: San Juan del Sur

It’s not always easy to overcome a desire for revenge in Survivor, as Jon found out when his overconfidence blinded him to Natalie Anderson’s distaste for him. Very early in the season, Natalie aligned with Jeremy Collins, but by the 8th Tribal Council, Jeremy was ousted by Jon. At the 13th council, Jon felt safe from being sent to the jury, but Natalie was ready to send him home. Not feeling he was on the chopping block, Jon sat on his idol, unaware that votes were being split between him and Jaclyn Schultz. After a three-way tie, the revote sent Jon packing with an unused Immunity Idol.

Unused Save a Vote

Lauren Rimmer, Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Eighteen days into her time in Fiji, Lauren earned the Save a Vote advantage, which granted her an extra vote at a future council if she abstained from the next one. She sought to take advantage of the extra vote and abstained from the eighth council that sent Desiree Williams to the jury. On her 33rd day on the island, however, the tables were turned on her. Lauren didn’t bring her extra vote to the 12th Tribal Council, which would have been okay considering everybody voted for Ben Driebergen. Unfortunately, Ben had a hidden Immunity Idol, which he played. Despite the unanimous vote, Ben was safe and his sole vote was enough to send Lauren home. With her extra vote, Lauren could have padded the vote and placed it on another tribal member, just in case things didn't go as planned, and secured her safety.