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Survivor Ghost Island: Meet the Contestants [PHOTOS]

It’s time to pack up and head to the gorgeous islands of Fiji for another season of Survivor. For the 36th installment, Jeff Probst and the production team is taking 20 fresh faces to the Mamanuca Islands for a quirky and unique season. Along with the usual hardships and staples of Survivor, participants must also face “Ghost Island,” a new take on Exile Island.

When banished from their team, contestants go to “Ghost Island,” where they face relics of Survivor seasons’ past. Learning from the mistakes of former castaways, they then have the opportunity to score an advantage to bring back to the game with them.

So, who are the lucky 20 that get to fish, strategize, and scheme their way to victory in Fiji?

Naviti Tribe

Domenick Abbate (38, Nesconset, NY)


Desiree Afuye (21, Brooklyn, NY)

Kellyn Bechtold (31, Denver, CO)


Wendell Holland (33, Philadelphia, PA)

Bradley Kleihege (26, Los Angeles, CA)


Chris Noble (27, Brooklyn, NY)


Sebastian Noel (22, Satellite Beach, FL)


Angela Perkins (42, Cincinnati, OH)

Morgan Ricke (29, Orlando, FL)

Chelsea Townsend (24, Los Angeles, CA)

Malolo Tribe

Jenna Bowman (23, Venice Beach, CA)

Jacob Derwin (22, Brooklyn, NY)

Stephanie Gonzalez (25, Ocala, FL)

Donathan Hurley (26, Kimper, KY)

Laurel Johnson (29, Minneapolis, MN)

Stephanie Johnson (34, Chicago, IL)

James Lim (24, New York City, NY)

Brendan Shapiro (41, Herndon, VA)

Libby Vincek (24, Houston, TX)

Michael Yerger (18, Los Angeles, CA)