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Steve Bannon Mocked for Claiming Trump Will Be Reinstated 'Maybe Before' 2022

Steve Bannon Mocked for Claiming Trump Will Be Reinstated 'Maybe Before' 2022

Many of those who believe former President Donald Trump's lies that the 2020 election was "stolen" from him are also under the delusion that Trump's election fantasies will soon be vindicated, resulting in him somehow being reinstated to the presidency. Of course, there is no constitutional process other than reelection for a former President to be reinstated to the nation's highest office.

A key promoter of the reinstatement theory is pillow salesman and prominent conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell, who has offered specific dates for Trump's reinstatement, each date passing uneventfully.

Lindell is a frequent guest on white nationalist and former Trump official Steve Bannon's talk show. Though Bannon has expressed skepticism at the reinstatement fantasy in the past, he recently endorsed the theory in a deranged rant.

Watch below.

Bannon said:

"The return of Trump—and it ain't gonna be in 2024—it's gonna be in 2022 or maybe before, as we start the decertification process out in Arizona."

The decertification process Bannon is referring to is nonexistent. The partisan audit he mentions in Arizona saw Biden's victory margin widen over Trump's and predictably found no evidence of widespread fraud. This hasn't stopped other Republican state legislatures from launching audits designed to undermine the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

People were quick to call out Bannon's conspiracy theory.

It's a grift.

Bannon's comments come as he's defying a congressional subpoena to investigate his role in the deadly failed insurrection that sparked from the same election fantasies he's touting.