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Trump's Top Immigration Advisor Just Got Trolled Hard by His Own Uncle With The Perfect Pro-Refugee 'Wedding Gift'


Stephen Miller, the white supremacist Trump administration official behind some of President Donald Trump's most insidious anti-immigration policies, was married at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. this past weekend.

While he and his new wife, Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary Katie Waldman, enjoyed a day of blissful matrimony, others called attention to the numerous immigrants and refugees whose lives have been ruined by policies Stephen Miller helped build.

Among them? Miller's own uncle.

Dr. David S. Glosser called out his nephew's bigotry in 2018, and now he's at it again.

Glosser trolled his nephew with a donation to a refugee rights organization, which he announced on Facebook:

Glosser added:

"Each contribution to HIAS plugs up a hole in the great wall of civilization that holds back the tide of cruelty that threatens our world. Remember to organize, communicate, and vote for qualified Democratic candidates so that we can at long last have a rational and compassionate route forward on this and so many other issues. Many warm thanks to all of you."

He also included a link to another donation site created by the folks at Samantha Bee's Full Frontal to troll Miller. The website, A Match Made in Hate, allows visitors to buy useful products from the couple's "registry" to be sent to immigrants in detention facilities.

Glosser's Facebook followers have since donated over two thousand dollars to the cause.

The praise for Glosser made its way to Twitter as well.

You can follow Dr. Glosser's lead and donate to HIAS here.