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Former Trump Aide Dubbed Trump's 'Music Man' in Stephanie Grisham's Book Sues Her for Defamation

Former Trump Aide Dubbed Trump's 'Music Man' in Stephanie Grisham's Book Sues Her for Defamation
Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images // Scott Olson/Getty Images

Stephanie Grisham served as former President Donald Trump's third White House press secretary, and was known for never holding an official White House briefing in the year she served in her post.

Though Grisham kept a low profile during her tenure at the White House, she's now making headlines for her tell-all memoir I'll Take Your Questions Now, which details what she saw during her time serving as Trump's press secretary and as former First Lady Melania Trump's chief of staff.

A number of revelations, ranging from comical to shocking, have already been revealed ahead of the book's release, but few of Grisham's insider tidbits generated stronger reactions than Trump's love for musical theatre.

The former Press Secretary revealed in her book that a White House aide was tasked with blaring show tunes for the former President in order to calm him down. Trump's particular favorite, according to Grisham, was "Memory" from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats. This aide was dubbed "the Music Man."

Though Grisham withholds the Music Man's name in the book, many believe she's describing her ex-boyfriend, Max Miller. In a lengthy Politico profile from July detailing Miller's history of aggressive behavior, sources note the young Trump aide was, in fact, nicknamed "the Music Man."

Now a right-wing Congressional candidate in Ohio, Miller is suing Grisham for defamation over the memoir's contents, including her description of a physically abusive relationship with an unnamed colleague that Miller acknowledges was him.

Miller's legal team argued in the complaint that Grisham's actions are:

"in retaliation for her failed relationship with Plaintiff, in retaliation against those associated with the Trump Administration for her failed stint as White House Press Secretary, in a malicious attempt to secure personal financial gain by selling more books, and/or for other reasons to be revealed at trial."

A Cuyahoga County judge denied Miller's request to issue an immediate restraining order, and a hearing won't be held on the matter until next week.

For her part, Grisham doesn't seem fazed:

"Of course I expected this. It's another form of abuse and intimidation, and it's right out of the Trump playbook."

The lawsuit didn't earn Miller any sympathy.

Others are looking forward to the discovery phase of the legal battle, hoping further revelations will take Miller's congressional campaign.

Grisham's memoir was released on October 5.