Funny Single Christmas Ideas 2017: 20 Funny Solo Photos for Inspiration

When you’re single, Christmas can be a lonely time. It’s especially difficult to figure out what festive photos to send in your Christmas cards or to post on social media. We’ve collected 20 of the best single Christmas card pictures to give you some Christmas card ideas.

1. Who says you can’t have the fancy Christmas photo session when you’re single? The pizza is what really makes this Christmas card special.

funny solo Christmas inspiration
Facebook/Julia Campbell

2. Bridget is a single Christmas card legend. This clever photo shows the many faces of a solo Christmas.

Christmas card inspiration

3. If you’re tired of seeing your friends cuddle their babies in those Christmas photos, you could always try hugging a chicken.

Single Christmas card ideas

4. If you don’t want to be alone in your single Christmas card, you could always let your cat in on the fun.

Funny single christmas ideas

5. The reindeer sweater is really what makes this Christmas card photo special.

funny christmas card ideas

6. There are some moments that any single person can associate with. If you don’t want to be the star of your Christmas card, you could always let the glass of wine steal the show.

single Christmas card ideas

7. If you’re surrounded by family members who are going through milestones in their lives, you might just need to make your own statement.

funny solo christmas photos
Twitter/Emily Seawright

8. Cute dogs in Christmas sweaters are always a favorite for your single Christmas cards.

funny dog pictures Christmas

9. You could also feature your favorite sporting equipment in your seasonal greetings like Amy.

funny christmas card ideas

10. If you’re looking for unique Christmas card ideas, you could always pose with your favorite motorcycle and some festive lights.

funny holiday cards

11. Bridget’s back with a solo Christmas card pays tribute to one staple of the single person’s Christmas: a bottle of wine.

solo christmas card pictures

12. This photoshopped beauty shows that you can create your own fun during your holiday photo shoot.

Single holiday cards

13. If you’re not shy about sharing your true feelings about being single during the holidays, you could be brutally honest like Brad.

Funny single Christmas card ideas

14. One of the great Christmas card ideas for single people is to make good use of your holiday decorations for your holiday greetings.

Funny solo Christmas cards

15. If you don’t want to admit to your extended family that you’re still single, you could always take this creative approach to your Christmas cards.

Funny Christmas card ideas single people

16. This single Christmas card makes good use of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine.

Funny Christmas Card ideas

17. This cat does not seem thrilled to be in this photo but this is one of the most creative Christmas card ideas for single people.

Cat Christmas cards

18. In your seasonal greetings, you could choose to own the fact that you’re single with pride.

Solo Christmas cards single people

19. If your family is four-legged, you could steal this Christmas card idea. You might want to leave the baby doll at home.

Awkward Christmas card ideas

20. The Christmas lights make this a festive single Christmas card.

Funny pet Christmas cards
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