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Creepiest Craigslist Ads Ever Posted

Craigslist can be a useful resource for finding employment or even inexpensive household items. It can also be a cesspool filled with the most vile and unsettling people out there. Since its expansion into multiple cities across the United States in 2000, Craigslist has provided the strangest and darkest minds across the world an outlet for their more sinister or strange thoughts and desires.

On the surface, Craigslist may seem innocent, but for every innocuous ad selling a used car or looking for honest workers, there are a dozen others that will leave readers in shock. If the following Craigslist ads show anything, it’s that when you make something free and accessible to everybody, you’re going to invite the worst of the worst to crawl out of their holes.

To see just how bad it can get on Craigslist, take a gander at these ads. Some may seem more on the mild side of terrifying. The rest, however, may have you locking your doors at night.


A cozy retreat. An icy maze. It’s a story we’ve all heard before. One with warnings that nobody ever heeds.

Coed and the Mature Man

The dim lighting isn’t promising and likely hides the chains to ensure his latest coed finds no escape.

Crutches and Cigarettes

Needing to get rid of excess stuff is understandable. But his heartless manner provides an eerie look into the emptiness of his soul.

No Batteries Required

Not sure what’s worse. Creepy doll eyes or the empty sockets left when creepy doll eyes are removed. No batteries is quite enticing, however.

Caged Human

This paints a whole new picture of desperation, though the optimism that the subject would later go on to find happiness and have children is inspiring.

Creepy Man on the Shelf

Imagine going to a Christmas party and seeing this guy sitting on a shelf, staring at you the whole night. Now, close your eyes and try to sleep.

The Official Study

The creepiest part of this ad is that he actually thought it would work. Actually, the creepiest part may be that it did work?

Craigslist Stalker

At least he’s upfront about his stalker habits? Not sure how that will go over with his intended, however.

Eclipse Magic

When you want a baby but also have a really creepy and specific plan for how it’s done.

Seeking Caretaker

Sadly, this ad is creepy not because of context, but because of what it’s linked to. In 2010, this ad attracted three unemployed men simply looking for work. After responding to the ad, they were never heard from again.

If not for the escape of a fourth victim, the demented duo behind this enticing ad, 52-year-old Richard J. Beasley and 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty, would have likely claimed many more lives.

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