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April Fool’s Day 2018: Best Pranks to Pull on Your Children

There are few things better than surprising your kids, especially when it comes to giving them gifts for the holidays or birthdays. April Fool’s Day is about a different kind of surprise, however, but is equally as satisfying.

If you’re struggling to come up with your own pranks, take a look at this list of possible ideas that will leave your children shocked, surprised, confused, and bewildered. You, of course, will get a big laugh.

Chewing Rocks

Purchase a bag of chocolate rocks, a decent brand that actually looks like rocks. Start talking to your kids about some “cool rocks” that you found in the backyard and, while looking at them together, start to eat them. You’ll freak them out and enjoy yourself a sweet treat.


The School Letter

You know what will really get your kids hearts racing? A letter from the school! Be creative and come up with your own infraction to write up under an official-looking letterhead. Don’t go too wild with it or else they won’t believe that it’s real. When April Fool’s Day falls on a weekend, just say you thought it a better punishment to talk to them about it on their day off.

The Treat Switch

Want to confuse your kids? Take a small bag of their favorite snack, like a potato chip, and fill it with something completely different. It’s not a shocking prank, but it will get you that satisfying eyebrow raise when they reach their hand in.

Do Not Move!

Take a large cup, either paper or styrofoam, and write a warning message on the side. Something like: “Do not lift! Big spider underneath!” or “Do not lift unless you plan no killing it.” They’ll be wary of the cup, especially when you go to lift it up around them.

Unexpected Praise

Should you find yourself driving around during April Fool’s Day, hang a banner on the back of your vehicle asking people to honk and say “Hi” to your child. They’ll definitely be confused by the attention, maybe weirded out, but at the end of the day, it’s a joke even a child can appreciate.

It Came from the Toilet

If your kids saw the new It, this may frighten them a bit, but it’s a great April Fool’s Day joke. Get a red balloon filled with helium and place it under the the lid of the toilet. When they lift the lid to do their business, the balloon will pop up. Listen for the telltale “yelp” of an effective prank.

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