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Twittersphere Explodes After Arie Calls off Engagement

Twitter exploded on Monday night after Arie called off his engagement with Becca Kufrin.

ABC aired the breakup unedited and uncut, with two cameras capturing it all. The fact that the intimate moment was filmed upset many fans, who questioned why Becca was subject to such insensitivity and heartlessness. Read on to find out what some viewers had to say, but BEWARE OF SPOILERS. 

"When it all happened, I feel like I blacked out," Becca shared with Chris Harrison, sitting down with him. She said watching it again on Monday evening was nearly impossible.

Becca's Instagram Following Grew by More Than 10k During the Episode

The Twittersphere wasn't the only form of social media buzzing. Becca's Instagram grew quite a bit over the course of the three hours, with a number of her supporters commenting things like, "You deserve so much better than this, you’re such a strong person!! All of that was so horrible and you handled it so gracefully, you’re seriously my idol."

At the start of the episode, Becca had 280k followers on her Instagram. By Monday night at 11pm ET, she had amassed more than 290k (with that number steadily rising).

What Happened During the Finale?

Fans watching tonight's episode were shocked to learn that Arie did the unthinkable to Bachelor Nation. He got down on one knee and proposed to Becca. Then, after a couple months, he ended that engagement with Becca, saying he couldn't stop thinking about Lauren. And the breakup was all filmed. Tomorrow night, we're gonna see him try and get Lauren back. (Spoiler: it works).

According to Reality Steve, Becca and Arie had about three Happy Couple visits after the show ended. In two of them, the duo was documented bike riding in Arizona and hanging out in LA. It was during the January 12th weekend that another Happy Couple trip was scheduled... the one where Arie dumps Becca. Was she in on it? According to Reality Steve, Becca had no idea what was coming.

Reality Steve writes, "SOMEBODY, either Arie or producers or both, lied to her and told Becca they were being filmed because they wanted to give the fans an update on their relationship to be shown later. This is when Arie, with cameras in tow, broke up with Becca and ended the engagement. This was the d**k move of the season. So yes, she was pissed and blindsided. At no point did she ever think Arie was going to end the engagement on that meetup, and at no point did she ever think it was going to be filmed doing it."

Whether or not Arie was paid more to agree to televise the breakup, or if it was his idea or the producers, or if Becca had to sign off on that clip airing, is all unclear at this moment. We can only guess that a lot will be coming out of the woodwork in the next few weeks.

After all this, is it possible that Becca is the next bachelorette?