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Joe Biden

CNN Flash Poll Shows What SOTU Watchers Thought Of Biden's Speech—And Yep, That Tracks

A CNN flash poll of State of the Union watchers revealed strong support for Joe Biden's speech.

Screenshot of Hillary Clinton; Tucker Carlson

Hillary Clinton Perfectly Shreds Tucker Carlson After News He's Interviewing Putin

After it was reported that Tucker Carlson has gone to Russia to interview Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton explained why that makes all the sense in the world.

Marjorie Taylor Greene; Sydney Kamlager Dove

Dem Rep Hilariously Requests 'Advil' After MTG's Bitter Ukraine Complaint

Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove says 'I need an Advil' after Marjorie Taylor Greene complains about Ukraine support.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Joe Biden Has Perfect 3-Word Response After Trump Says 'Blame Me' For Border Deal Collapse

After Donald Trump urged people to 'blame' him for the collapse of the bipartisan border deal, Joe Biden was happy to oblige.

Chris Christie; Donald Trump

Chris Christie Perfectly Calls Out 'Snake Oil Salesman' Trump For Ukraine War Claim

Chris Christie calls out Trump as a 'snake oil salesman' who will 'bend over to Vladimir Putin' to end the war in Ukraine.

Mary Trump; Donald Trump

Mary Trump Breaks Down The Childhood Basis For Trump's Love Of Dictators

Mary Trump went on CNN to explain the basis for Donald Trump's obsession with authoritarian dictators, which goes all the way back to his childhood.

Fox News screenshots of Brit Hume and Joe Biden

Fox Analyst Raves About Biden's 'Strong' Oval Office Speech—And Everyone Had The Same Response

Fox News' Brit Hume surprised many by raving about Joe Biden's oval office speech Thursday night, calling the President 'firm, unequivocal and strong.'

Donald Trump; Jamie Raskin

Dem Rep Eviscerates Trump After He Compares Legal Troubles To Alexei Navalny's Death

Rep. Jamie Raskin lit into Donald Trump after he compared his own legal troubles to the recent assassination of Alexei Navalny at the hands of Vladimir Putin.

A woman with angel wings in Ukrainian colors stands in front of the Old Opera House.

The War In Ukraine—A Look Back And Ahead At Resistance And Resilience

Ukraine still stands and democracy and hope remain defiantly alive.

Stuart Stevens; Joe Biden

Former GOP Strategist Breaks Down Why Joe Biden 'Has Been A Great President'

Stuart Stevens, former strategist for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, penned a piece for The New Republic titled 'Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President.'

Marjorie Taylor Greene; Jim Jordan

MTG Mocked After Getting Shut Down By Jim Jordan At Hunter Biden Press Conference

After Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene asked a bizarre question about sex trafficking during the House GOP's Hunter Biden press conference, even Jim Jordan had to shut her down.

Joe Biden; Mike Johnson

The White House Masterfully Trolled Mike Johnson With A Valentine's Day Poem For The Ages

The White House's official X account put their spin on the 'roses are red, violets are blue' poem for Valentine's Day to call out the Republican House Speaker.

Mike Johnson; 2024 White House Easter observance

American Egg Board Fact-Checks Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory About White House Easter Egg Contest

After right-wingers freaked out that overtly religious symbols were not allowed in egg designs for the White House's Easter egg contest, the American Egg Board issued a punny fact check.

Brian Butler; Donald Trump

Former Mar-A-Lago Employee Who Helped Trump Move Documents Rebuts Trump's Favorite Talking Point

Brian Butler, a former Mar-A-Lago employee named as 'Trump Employee 5' in Jack Smith's indictment, spoke out to CNN about the case.

Representative Troy Nehls;  President Joe Biden

Republican Admits Why He Doesn't Actually Want To Pass House Bill To Fix Immigration

Rep. Troy Nehls admitted to CNN why, despite Republicans' screaming about the border, he has no intention of supporting the House immigration bill.

RSBN screenshot of Donald Trump; Vladimir Putin

Trump Slammed For Quoting Putin To Prove He Was 'Tough On Russia'

At a campaign rally in Texas, Donald Trump tried to claim that Putin's own words proved how 'tough on Russia' he was.

Donald Trump

Author Compiles List Of Reasons To Vote Against Trump In 2024—And Hoo Boy, It's A Lot

Author Mark Jacob posted a thread on X that lists all of the 'reasons to vote against Trump' and it's going on 100 reasons.

Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO); Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA)

Dem Rep Asks GOP Colleague What Biden 'High Crime' They're Investigating—And His Response Is Cringe

During a House committee hearing, Democratic Rep. Neguse tried to get out of Republicans exactly what 'high crime' they are investigating Biden for with their impeachment inquiry.

CBS screenshots of  Kevin McCarthy and Margaret Brennan

News Anchor Laughs In McCarthy's Face As He Tries To Blame Democrats For Shutdown Threat

Margaret Brennan scoffed at Kevin McCarthy, reminding him that more Democrats voted for the funding bill than Republicans, after he blamed Democrats for threat of a shutdown.

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