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Screenshots of Trump and Dr. Phil from Dr. Phil's interview

Dr. Phil Called Out For 'Abruptly' Cutting Out Trump's Gaffes From Awkward Interview

After Dr. Phil posted his bizarre interview with Donald Trump, the host was called out for awkward cuts that appeared to mask Trump gaffes.

Screenshot of Donald Trump

Trump Tried To Hit Biden Over The 'Supply Chain'—But It Backfired In Yet Another Verbal Gaffe

Donald Trump claimed 'everything worked' during his presidency in a muddled attempt at slamming Biden for 'supply chain' issues.

Nikki Haley; Donald Trump

Nikki Haley Hits Trump With Painfully Accurate Spirit Halloween Costume Meme

Nikki Haley releases brutal Spirit Halloween costume meme that calls Trump the 'Weakest General Election Candidate Ever.'

Marjorie Taylor Greene

MTG Fact-Checked Over Her New Book's False Claims About Democrats On January 6th

In her upcoming book "MTG," Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene falsely claims that no Democrat stayed to defend the House chamber from Capitol rioters on January 6th.

Byron Donalds

Fact-Check: GOP Rep's False Claim of Biden Closing Schools

Rep. Byron Donalds was swiftly informed, both by an X Community Note and users that Donald Trump was president in 2020 when schools shuttered due to Covid lockdowns.

Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell Now Claims He Has Proof Every MAGA Arizona Candidate Won—And Here We Go Again

The MyPillow CEO is once again claiming the election was stolen from the likes of Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

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