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A split image shows Mike Pence on the left with a questioning expression and Donald Trump in the middle of speaking on the right.

Trump Is Now Blaming Mike Pence For The January 6th Attacks In Bizarre Remarks

Donald Trump suggested to reporters the January 6 attacks would not have happened 'had Pence sent the votes back to the [state] legislatures.'

Donald Trump; Twitter screenshot of Pete Buttigieg during his press conference

Pete Buttigieg Expertly Dares Trump To Support Biden Policy After East Palestine Derailment

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg used his visit to East Palestine, Ohio to urge the former president to support new regulation to improve rail safety.

Mitch McConnell; Pete Buttigieg

McConnell Tried To Use Senate Speech To Slam 'Woke' Pete Buttigieg–And Pete Just Fired Back

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg fires back at Senator McConnell after he accused Buttigieg of pursuing 'woke initiatives.'

Senator Thom Thillis (R-NC); Tucker Carlson

Republican Senator Calls 'Bullsh**t' On Tucker's Whitewashing Of January 6th As 'Sightseers'

After Tucker Carlson portrayed January 6th insurrectionists as 'peaceful sightseers', Senator Thom Tillis called 'bull***t.'

Marjorie Taylor Greene; photo of fake explosive device

Border Patrol Fact Checks MTG's Claim That They Found An 'Explosive' Near The Border

The Border Patrol Chief explained what the 'explosive' Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed they found 'near the border.'

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