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Screenshots of Mark Simone and Larry Kudlow

Fox Guest Ripped For Heartless Response To Arizona Abortion Ruling: 'Not The Worst Thing In The World'

Radio host Mark Simone sparked outrage after dismissing concerns about a new Arizona Supreme Court ruling that would almost completely prohibit abortion in the state.

Anthony Kern; Screenshot of anti-abortion activists on Arizona Senate floor

AZ Lawmaker Lashes Out At 'God-Haters' After Video Of Speaking In Tongues On Senate Floor Went Viral

After the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an 1864 near total abortion ban, State Senator Anthony Kern lashed out at 'god-haters' who criticized his prayer video on the senate floor.

screenshots of clandestine gathering of Christian nationalists on Arizona state Senate floor

Video Of Anti-Abortion Activists Speaking In Tongues On Arizona Senate Floor Sparks Outrage

Video posted by Tony Cani of AZ Republican State Senator Anthony Kern hosting anti-abortion activists on the senate floor to pray in tongues ahead of a state supreme court decision on an extreme abortion ban goes viral.

Screenshot of Daniel Dale; Donald Trump

CNN Fact-Checker Rips 'Deranged' Trump For Blaming Nancy Pelosi For January 6

After Donald Trump took questions about Thursday's Supreme Court arguments, CNN's fact-checker Daniel Dale could not hold back how 'bonkers' the former president's claims were.

Screenshot of Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Threatens To 'Withdraw' From Colorado Ballot After Trump Ruling—And Everyone Had The Same Response

After the Colorado Supreme Court disqualified Donald Trump from the state's presidential ballot, Vivek Ramaswamy stood in solidarity with Trump, much to people's amusement.

CNN screenshots of Abby Philip and Donald Trump

CNN Anchor Exposes All The Times Trump Called For Rivals To Be Disqualified—And It's A Lot

After Trump cried foul at the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling disqualifying him from the ballot, Abby Phillip ran through all the times he called for others to be disqualified.

Dan Patrick; Joe Biden

Texas Lt. Governor Suggests Removing Joe Biden From Ballot After Colorado Ruling

After the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Donald Trump is not eligible for the state's presidential ballot, Texas Lietenant Governor Dan Patrick suggested to Laura Ingraham that perhaps they should remove Joe Biden from theirs.

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Calls Out 'Cruelty' Of 'Pro-Life Movement' After Texas Woman Is Denied Emergency Abortion

Ann Coulter lashed out at the 'cruelty' of the 'pro-life movement' after Kate Cox, whose fetus was diagnosed with fatal trisomy 18, was denied an emergency abortion by the Texas Supreme Court.

Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway Dragged After Claiming Liberals 'Wake Up Every Morning' Thinking About Jan. 6

The former Trump adviser ranted on Fox News about liberals after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled to bar Trump from the ballot, claiming they constantly think about Jan. 6 before they 'get into an electric vehicle and go get an abortion.'

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Joe Biden Claps Back At Trump's Claim That 'Both Sides' Wanted To Overturn Roe V. Wade With Blunt Fact-Check

After Donald Trump's statement on abortion in which he portrayed overturning Roe. v. Wade as a bipartisan popular position, Joe Biden fired back.

Screenshot of Katie Britt

Katie Britt Gave People Serious 'Handmaid's Tale' Vibes With SOTU Response—And The Memes Were On Point

GOP Senator Katie Britt inspired instant 'Handmaid's Tale' comparisons with her bizarre State of the Union response.

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson Fact-Checked After Claiming He Believes In The 'Sanctity Of Every Human Life'

After Speaker Mike Johnson claimed to 'believe' in the 'sanctity of every life,' MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell fact-checked him with a blunt reminder.

Eric Hovde

Trump-Endorsed Candidate Suggests People In Nursing Homes Shouldn't Be Able To Vote

Wisconsin Senate candidate Eric Hovde was criticized for saying 'almost nobody' who is in a nursing home 'is at a point' where they should be able to vote.

Stephen Richer; Donald Trump

GOP Elections Official Has Brutal Question For Republicans Who Still Support Donald Trump

Maricopa County recorder Stephen Richer, called out Republicans who still support Trump even after he's crossed 'so many red lines,' issuing a damning question for his fellow GOP-ers.

Donald Trump

Trump's Own Words Come Back To Bite Him After He Announces New Abortion Position

Donald Trump revealed his attempt at a more moderate abortion position in a video on Monday, but people used his own words to clarify his true anti-choice position.

Donald Trump

Trump's Claim Of 'Total Immunity' Gets Shot Down By Top Court—And The Memes Came Rolling In

After the DC Circuit Court of Appeals panel unanimously rejected Donald Trump's claim of 'total immunity' for any actions he took as president, people mocked him with epic memes.

Donald Trump; Adolf Hitler

Biden Campaign Compares Trump To Hitler With On Point Graphic—And The Similarities Are Disturbing

Biden-Harris HQ X account posted a graphic drawing comparisons between the the rhetoric of the former U.S president and the former murderous dictator, particularly use of the word 'vermin' and the phrase 'poisoning the blood.'

Fox News screenshot of Nancy Mace; Donald Trump

GOP Rep. Brutally Fact-Checked After Claiming 'Everything Was Better Under Trump'

Nancy Mace got instantly fact-checked by X users after claiming that 'everything was better under Trump.'

Donald Trump

New York Times Calls Trump 'Vague' On Abortion—But His Own Words Say Otherwise

After The New York Times called Donald Trump 'vague' on abortion rights, the Biden campaign posted a Trump ad and a video of Trump's own statements that say otherwise.

Tarot card reader guest on Fox News; tarot card; Donald Trump

Fox News Had A Tarot Card Reader On To Predict Trump's 2024—And It Backfired Perfectly

When Fox host Jesse Watters had a tarot card reader on to predict 'what's in store for Trump in 2024,' she drew the Five of Cups, and it was almost too perfect.

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