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Screenshots of Steve Bannon and Mike Johnson

Steve Bannon Melts Down After Mike Johnson Says Biden's Presidency Is 'God's Will'

After Speaker Mike Johnson admits that in his belief, Joe Biden's election is 'God's will', Steve Bannon flipped out on his podcast, calling Biden 'illegitimate.'

Screenshot of Steve Bannon; Mike Johnson

Steve Bannon Rips Mike Johnson After 'Demonic Trash' Bill Passes House—'Don't Tell Me You're A Christian'

After the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which funds the U.S. military, Steve Bannon came for Speaker Mike Johnson's faith.

Real America's Voice screenshots of Nick Sortor being confronted by an angry Maui resident

Cringey Video: Angry Maui Resident Confronts Conservative Reporter

Nick Sortor was awkwardly confronted by a Maui resident as he reported live from the embattled island for Steve Bannon's 'War Room' podcast.

CNN screenshot of Kaitlan Collins and Nancy Mace

CNN Anchor Calls Out GOP Rep's Hypocrisy After She Fundraises Off McCarthy Vote

After Rep. Nancy Mace used her CNN hit to raise money for voting to oust Kevin McCarthy, Kaitlan Collins called out her hypocrisy.

Jack Posobiec; screenshot of Posobiec from CPAC

Pro-Trump CPAC Speaker Welcomes 'The End Of Democracy'—And No One Thinks He's Joking

Conservative activist and influencer Jack Posobiec spoke at CPAC this week, and jokingly said 'welcome to the end of democracy.'

Joe Biden; Donald Trump; Nelson Mandela

Biden Campaign Fires Back After Trump Compares Himself To Nelson Mandela

After Donald Trump compared himself to Nelson Mandela, Jasmine Harris with the Biden-Harris campaign called Trump out.

Screenshot of Kari Lake on Steve Bannon's "War Room"; CNN screenshot of Donald Trump during his town hall

Kari Lake Mocked After Saying Trump Was 'Kind' To Kaitlan Collins During CNN Town Hall

Kari Lake went on Steve Bannon's podcast to praise Donald Trump for his performance at CNN's town hall, saying he 'held his fire' and was 'kind' to moderator Kaitlan Collins.

Real America's Voice screenshot of Steve Bannon; Kevin McCarthy

Bannon Blows Up In 'Jihad' Rant Against McCarthy For Putting A 'Shiv' In Trump With Betrayal

Steven Bannon called out the GOP House Speaker on his 'War Room' show for betraying Trump by making a debt ceiling deal with Biden and saying Trump might not be the 'strongest candidate.'

Screenshot of Matt Gaetz; Mike Johnson

Matt Gaetz Just Gave New House Speaker An Apt Nickname—And Democrats Are Already Using It

After Rep. Matt Gaetz dubbed the newly minted House GOP Speaker 'MAGA Mike Johnson,' Democratic Rep. Don Beyer is already amplifying the moniker.

Rudy Giuliani; John Oliver

John Oliver Expertly Rips Giuliani Spokesman's 'Pathetic' Attempt To Pull Him Away From Cameras After Verdict

John Oliver likened Rudy Giuliani's spokesman's attempt to usher him away from cameras to the film 'Weekend At Bernie's.'

Donald Trump

Republicans Are Now Recruiting Trump For Speaker Of The House—And What Could Go Wrong?

Sean Hannity announced on Fox that Republicans are actively recruiting Donald Trump for Speaker of the House after Kevin McCarthy's ouster, and he has expressed interest in the job.

Georgia Senator Colton Moore on the "War Room" podcast

GOP Lawmaker Warns He May 'Draw His Rifle' Over Georgia Trump Trial

Georgia State Senator Colton Moore raised the prospect of civil war, saying he didn't want to 'draw my rifle' if Fani Willis is allowed to continue to try Trump's case.

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