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Elise Stefanik; Lewis Kaplan

Elise Stefanik Accuses Judge Of 'Election Interference' After Trump's Lawyer Calls For Trial Adjournment

After Judge Kaplan postponed Trump's trial at Alina Habba's request due to a Covid exposure, Elise Stefanik accused him of 'election interference' since it would fall on New Hampshire primary day.

Donald Trump and Dr. Deborah Birx speaking at Covid briefing in April 2020

Biden Campaign Posts Startling Reminder Of What Trump Was Saying About Covid 4 Years Ago Today

The Biden HQ X account posted video from April 22, 2020 when Trump asked Dr. Birx whether there's 'a chance Covid won't come back.'

Lara Trump; Donald Trump

Lara Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming People Were 'Better Off' Four Years Ago

After Lara Trump claimed Americans were better off four years ago than they are now, people gave her a reminder about what happened in 2020 on Donald Trump's watch.

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis' Explosive Trump Debate Memo Leaked

The New York Times just made Ron DeSantis' leaked debate strategy memo public, and it's getting mocked for its 'defend Donald Trump' bullet point.

Fox News screenshot of Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Lawrence Jones

Fox Host Bluntly Breaks Down 'The Problem' With McCarthy's 'Impeachment Inquiry' Plan Against Biden

On 'Fox and Friends,' host Steve Doocy explained 'the problem' with Kevin McCarthy's plan to bring an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

Fox News screenshot of Jessica Tarlov; Joe Biden

Fox Host Breaks Down Joe Biden's 'Tremendous' Economic Record To Stunned Silence Of Co-Hosts

Fox's 'The Five' co-host Jessica Tarlov spent a solid minute and a half listing Joe Biden's incredible economic record and her co-hosts just sat their silently.

Trump Just Denied Calling For The 'Termination' Of The Constitution–And Wow

Trump Just Denied Calling For The 'Termination' Of The Constitution–And Wow

Donald Trump says claims he called for 'termination' of the Constitution are 'disinformation and lies.'

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