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Screenshot of Sean Hannity; Greg Gutfeld

Sean Hannity Roasted For Painfully Appropriate Freudian Slip As He Introduces Fox News Colleague

As Sean Hannity passed to his Fox colleague Greg Gutfeld, he let loose an awkward Freudian slip that people felt was inadvertently accurate.

Sean Hannity; Taylor Swift

Sean Hannity Just Tried To Mansplain The Republican Party To Taylor Swift—And It Backfired Hard

Sean Hannity listed all the so-called 'lies' about the Republican Party, insisting Taylor Swift shouldn't believe them, and it backfired big time for X users.

Fox News screenshots of Donald Trump and Sean Hannity

Trump Explains To Sean Hannity When He'll Be A 'Dictator'–And People Don't Think He's Joking

After Sean Hannity pressed Donald Trump on whether he really intends to abuse power or break the law as president, Trump joked 'only on day one.'

Fox News screenshots of Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom

DeSantis Roasted For Awkward Reaction To Getting Owned By Gavin Newsom In Fox News Debate

As Gavin Newsom wiped the floor with Ron DeSantis during the Sean Hannity Fox News debate, DeSantis could only smile awkwardly for the camera.

Fox News screenshot of Eric Trump

Eric Trump Brutally Fact-Checked After Whining To Hannity 'There Is No Crime!'

After Eric Trump claimed 'there is no crime' to Sean Hannity, people weighed in online with a brutal fact check.

Donald Trump

Republicans Are Now Recruiting Trump For Speaker Of The House—And What Could Go Wrong?

Sean Hannity announced on Fox that Republicans are actively recruiting Donald Trump for Speaker of the House after Kevin McCarthy's ouster, and he has expressed interest in the job.

Fox News screenshot of Alina Habba; Donald Trump

Trump Lawyer Called Out For Hilarious Self-Own After Trump Trial Criticism

Alina Habba went on Fox to discredit Stormy Daniels' testimony in Donald Trump's election interference trial, but just ended up owning herself.

Sean Hannity; Donald Trump

Sean Hannity Mocked For Desperate Defense Of Trump After Audio Leaks

After CNN aired audio of Trump boasting about 'confidential' material, Hannity tried to spin it...and failed miserably.

Screenshot of Donald Trump

Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After He Takes Credit For 'Drill Baby Drill' Slogan

After Donald Trump took credit for the popularity of the phrase 'Drill Baby Drill,' people reminded him of where the phrase really came from.

Fox News screenshot of Sean Hannity; Donald Trump; Fox News screenshot of Vivek Ramaswamy

Hannity Just Accidentally Burned Trump During Off The Rails Interview With Vivek Ramaswamy

Hannity ended his tense interview with Vivek Ramaswamy by declaring that people who never 'held public office' aren't 'qualified to be president.'

Lindsey Graham Had The Most Clueless Defense Of Trump Amid Latest Indictment—And It Totally Backfired

Lindsey Graham's Clueless Defense of Trump Falters

Lindsey Graham went on Hannity amid Donald Trump's Fulton County, Georgia RICO indictment to claim that Trump's fate should be decided 'at the ballot box,' and everyone had the same response.

Sean Hannity; Donald Trump

Hannity Challenges Trump on 'Election Fraud' Press Conference

After Donald Trump announced a press conference to present an 'irrefutable report' about election fraud in Georgia, Hannity advised against it on his radio show.

Fox News screenshot of Sean Hannity; Fox News screenshot of Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom Masterfully Shut Hannity Down After He Questioned Biden's Strength 'To Be President'

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom of California went on Fox News and ended up owning Sean Hannity over his question about Joe Biden's strength.

Jon Stewart with a photo of Donald Trump inset

Jon Stewart Masterfully Tears Apart Trump's Financial Fraud Defense In Epic Takedown

In his opening 'Daily Show' monologue Monday night, Jon Stewart ripped apart the primary defense Trump and his apologists have made since he was found liable for massive financial fraud: that it was a 'victimless crime.'

Donald Trump

Trump Calls For 'Total Immunity' In Deranged All-Caps Post—And It Sure Looks Like A Confession

In a late night all-caps Truth Social post, Donald Trump demanded that presidents get 'total immunity' and people are pretty sure he admitted to committing a crime.

James Comer; government documents piled on a stage in a Mar-a-Lago ballroom

GOP Rep. Instantly Fact-Checked After Wild Claim About Where Trump Hid Classified Documents

After Rep. James Comer made a bizarre claim about Donald Trump hiding classified documents in "one location," he got fact-checked by Rep. Jared Moskowitz as well as an X community note.

Screenshot of Geraldo Rivera holding a musket on the "Hannity" show

Geraldo Just Brought A Musket On Hannity To Make A Point About Gun Control–It Went About As Well As You'd Expect

Geraldo Rivera mocked by Sean Hannity and Pete Hegseth for using musket to make valid point about 'weapons of war.'

Fox News screenshot of Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich discussing the Georgia Senate runoff

Hannity Pretends Not To Know Why Republicans Are 'Unwilling' To Vote By Mail As Walker Goes Down To Defeat

Sean Hannity expressed dismay that Republicans 'for some reason' don't like to vote early or vote by mail as Georgia Senate votes came in.

Tucker Carlson; Donald Trump

Tucker Carlson Called Trump A 'Demonic Force' In Jan 6th E-mail To Producer New Filing Shows

New filing in Fox News Dominion lawsuit revealed texts from Tucker Carlson to his producer Alex Pfieffer in which he slammed Trump as 'demonic' and a 'destroyer.'

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