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Marco Rubio

Rubio's Post Questioning Trump Indictment Gets Brutal Fact Check From 'X' Community Note

After claiming Democrats who questioned the 2016 election should be indicted, X's community note clarified that Trump was indicted for 'taking actions to commit fraud.'

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Is Probably Shaking Her Damn Head—We're Right There With Her

FBI agent Charles McGonigal’s arrest and the revelations about his later ties to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska require reopening questions about the 2016 election.

Marjorie Taylor Greene; Jim Jordan

MTG Mocked After Getting Shut Down By Jim Jordan At Hunter Biden Press Conference

After Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene asked a bizarre question about sex trafficking during the House GOP's Hunter Biden press conference, even Jim Jordan had to shut her down.

Fox News screenshot of Jesse Watters and Alina Habba discussing Donald Trump's indictment

Trump Lawyer Says She's 'Ashamed To Be A Lawyer' After Trump Indictment—And Everyone Had The Same Response

After Donald Trump was indicted on 7 criminal counts by prosecutor Jack Smith, his lawyer Alina Habba went on Fox to declare she's 'embarrassed to be a lawyer.'

Marjorie Taylor Greene; Donald Trump

MTG Claims Democrats Are 'So Jealous' Not To 'Have A Donald Trump' In Deranged Tweet

Marjorie Taylor Greene was widely mocked for her tweet claiming that Democrats are jealous of Republicans because they don't 'have' Donald Trump.

A woman with angel wings in Ukrainian colors stands in front of the Old Opera House.

The War In Ukraine—A Look Back And Ahead At Resistance And Resilience

Ukraine still stands and democracy and hope remain defiantly alive.

Lauren Boebert; Matt Gaetz; Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republicans’ Problems Are Already Baked Into Their Party’s Genetics

The Republican Party is not only in disarray but will likely wind up shooting itself in the face many times over the next two years.

screenshot of Chip Roy and the hosts of "Fox and Friends" on Fox News

Pro-Trump Rep. Lists Two Things Military Should Focus On Rather Than 'Wokeness'–And Yeah, That Tracks

GOP Representative Chip Roy went on Fox News to urge the military to 'blow things up and kill people' rather than focusing on 'rainbow bullets.'

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