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Ron DeSantis; Winston Churchill

Ron DeSantis Mocked For Using Fake Churchill Quote In Campaign Suspension Announcement

Ron DeSantis left the 2024 presidential primary race on Sunday with a post featuring a fake Winston Churchill quote.

Screenshots of Ron DeSantis from the Republican debate

'Daily Show' Hilariously Dubs Ron DeSantis' Thoughts Over Awkward Debate Video—And It's Perfect

After Wednesday's Republican presidential debate, a clip of Ron DeSantis being awkward during a commercial break was relreased and 'The Daily Show' dubbed it with perfect DeSantis voiceover.

Fox News screenshots of Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom

DeSantis Roasted For Awkward Reaction To Getting Owned By Gavin Newsom In Fox News Debate

As Gavin Newsom wiped the floor with Ron DeSantis during the Sean Hannity Fox News debate, DeSantis could only smile awkwardly for the camera.

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis Mocked For His Cringey Response To A Heckler During Campaign Event

On the campaign trail in Iowa this week, Ron DeSantis got heckled by someone in the audience of his event, and his response was painful to watch.

Merriam-Webster dictionary; Ron DeSantis

Florida School District Under Fire For Pulling Dictionary From School Library Due To 'Sexual' Content

Judd Legum's Popular Info broke the news that the Escambria County School district has pulled a variety of reference books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias from school shelves due to descriptions of 'sexual conduct' to ensure they are in compliance with Ron DeSantis' law.

Ron DeSantis

DeSantis Mocked Over Misleading Navy SEAL Claim

After Ron DeSantis implied that he served as a Navy SEAL during the GOP debate, X users are mocking him with overblown Navy SEAL claims of their own.

X screenshot of Ron DeSantis; Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis Just Blamed Trump For Inflation—And Now It's A Biden Ad

After Ron DeSantis laid inflation at the feet of Donald Trump during the second GOP debate, Joe Biden turned the rant into a campaign ad.

Donald Trump; Bob Vander Plaats

Trump Rips Evangelical Leader For 'Scamming Candidates' After DeSantis Endorsement—And Yeah, That Is Rich

Donald Trump accused Bob Vander Plaats of 'scamming candidates' on Truth Social after the evangelical leader endorsed Ron DeSantis for president.

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis' Explosive Trump Debate Memo Leaked

The New York Times just made Ron DeSantis' leaked debate strategy memo public, and it's getting mocked for its 'defend Donald Trump' bullet point.

Donald Trump; Ron DeSantis

Trump Just Totally Lied About His Promise To Make Mexico Pay For The Wall—And DeSantis Pounced

After Donald Trump tried to revise his ubiquitous claim that Mexico would pay for the border wall even after they paid nothing, Ron DeSantis went after him on X.

Ron DeSantis; Donald Trump

DeSantis Mocked For Post Telling Team Trump Where They 'Can Buy A Pair Of Balls'

DeSantis spokeswoman Carly Atchison posted a meme of golf balls, suggestively trolling male members of Trump 's campaign.

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis Just Asked Followers 'Are You With Us?'—And It Totally Backfired

Ron DeSantis' Twitter account posted a campaign graphic asking followers 'Are you with us?' and the replies were not what they were expecting.

Donald Trump; Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis Doubles Down On Homophobic Anti-Trump Ad

Governor Ron DeSantis called going after Donald Trump over his LGBTQ+ stance 'fair game' after his homophobic ad sparked backlash even among conservatives.

Ron DeSantis; Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis Just Eviscerated Trump With List Of All His Broken Promises—And Hoo Boy

Ron DeSantis went on Fox and rattled off a list of all of Donald Trump's broken promises including draining the swamp and building the wall.

Donald Trump; Ron DeSantis

Trump Just Denied Giving Fauci A 'Presidential Commendation'—And DeSantis Pounced

After Donald Trump told Megyn Kelly that he didn't 'know' who gave Dr. Fauci his 'Presidential Commendation,' Ron DeSantis went on the attack.

Maria Bartiromo; Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis Hilariously Called Out By Fox News For Weak Campaign: 'What Happened?'

Maria Bartiromo awkwardly asks Ron DeSantis 'what happened' with his campaign and his response is classic DeSantis.

Harry Dunn; Ron DeSantis

Heroic Capitol Police Officer Fact Checks DeSantis' Denial That Jan. 6 Was 'An Insurrection'

Harry Dunn went on CNN to respond to Ron DeSantis' claim that 'January 6th was not an insurrection.'

Ron DeSantis; Screenshot of Steve Carrell as Michael Scott on NBC's "The Office"

This Deepfake Video Of Ron DeSantis As Michael Scott Wearing A Woman's Suit On 'The Office' Is Everything

People can't get enough of this deepfake video of Ron DeSantis as Michael Scott wearing a woman's suit in 'The Office.'

MSNBC screenshot of Nicolle Wallace; Fox News screenshot of Ron DeSantis

Nicolle Wallace's Loud Mocking Laugh At Ron DeSantis's 'Woke' Campaign Pledge Is All Of Us

Nicolle Wallace let out a loud gutteral guffaw after playing footage of Ron DeSantis threatening to end 'woke ideology.'

Ron DeSantis; Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis Can't Seem To Decide How To Prounounce His Last Name–And Trump Just Pounced

Ron DeSantis seems to be confused as to how to pronounce his last name, and Trump won't let him forget it.

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