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Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy

The State Of The Union Isn’t What’s Worrisome—It’s The State Of The GOP

Concerns grow over the rise of White nationalism, Christian nationalism, conspiracy cults like QAnon and the embrace of fascism in the Republican Party.

Lauren Boebert; Marjorie Taylor Greene

Lauren Boebert Just Took Another Shot At 'Unhinged' MTG–And Get Out The Popcorn

Lauren Boebert complained to The AP that she keeps getting asked to 'explain MTG’s beliefs on Jewish space lasers.'

screenshots from Vince Langman's Twitter account

MAGA Bro Asks 'What Happened?' In The Last '3 Years' To Cause Upheaval–And Instantly Got His A** Handed To Him

Vince Langman asked 'What happened' in the last '3 years' to lower employment, increase gas prices and inflation, and got a brutal reminder from Twitter.

Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert Urged Conservatives To Go 'On Offense'–And It Backfired Spectacularly

Lauren Boebert tweeted conservatives need 'to be on OFFENSE not DEFENSE' and Twitter brought the jokes.

George Santos

The GOP Could Lose A Precious House Seat Because Of A Con Artist

Newly-elected New York Republican Representative George Santos allegedly lied extensively about his background according to a 'New York Times' exposé.

Joe Rogan

Video Of Joe Rogan Gleefully Predicting A 'Red Wave' Resurfaces–And It Did Not Age Well

Days before the election, Joe Rogan predicted a 'red wave' would wipe Democrats out 'like the elevator doors opening up in The Shining.'

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