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Jack Posobiec; screenshot of Posobiec from CPAC

Pro-Trump CPAC Speaker Welcomes 'The End Of Democracy'—And No One Thinks He's Joking

Conservative activist and influencer Jack Posobiec spoke at CPAC this week, and jokingly said 'welcome to the end of democracy.'

Screenshot of Jon Stewart; Donald Trump

Jon Stewart Had The Perfect Response After Trump Appeared To Fall Asleep In Court On Monday

After Donald Trump appeared to fall asleep during the first day of his hush money trial, Jon Stewart laid into him for 'committing so many crimes that you get bored at your own trial.'

Donald Trump

Trump's Own Words Come Back To Bite Him After He Announces New Abortion Position

Donald Trump revealed his attempt at a more moderate abortion position in a video on Monday, but people used his own words to clarify his true anti-choice position.

Screenshot of Tammy Bruce. Harris Faulkner, and Jonathan Kott

Fox Personalities Lose It After Guest Reminds Them Of Awkward Truth About Donald Trump

Democratic strategist Jonathan Kott sent Fox's Harris Faulkner and commentator Tammy Bruce into overdrive after reminding them about the company Trump keeps.

Lindsey Graham; Donald Trump

Lindsey Graham Accidentally Tells The Truth About Trump's Criminal Trial In Self-Own For The Ages

Ron Filipkowski mocked Lindsey Graham for accidentally telling the truth about Donald Trump's New York City criminal trial.

Stuart Stevens; Joe Biden

Former GOP Strategist Breaks Down Why Joe Biden 'Has Been A Great President'

Stuart Stevens, former strategist for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, penned a piece for The New Republic titled 'Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President.'

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Biden Campaign Rips Trump As A 'Loser' After 'Weird' CPAC Speech

After Donald Trump gave an unhinged speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Biden campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa ripped Trump as a 'loser.'

Anthony Kern; Screenshot of anti-abortion activists on Arizona Senate floor

AZ Lawmaker Lashes Out At 'God-Haters' After Video Of Speaking In Tongues On Senate Floor Went Viral

After the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an 1864 near total abortion ban, State Senator Anthony Kern lashed out at 'god-haters' who criticized his prayer video on the senate floor.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Elon Musk

AOC Gives Elon Musk Blunt Reminder After He Accuses Democrats Of 'Importing Voters'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez reminded Elon Musk of his own history here in the U.S. after he claimed that Democrats are trying to 'import voters.'

RFK Jr.; Aaron Rodgers

RFK Jr. Says Aaron Rodgers Would Be A Good VP Pick Because Of The 'Rise Of AI'

In a bizarre Fox News interview, RFK Jr. defended having Aaron Rodgers on his VP shirtlist, saying he is 'battle tested' and is skeptical of authority.

Mary Trump; Donald Trump

Mary Trump Breaks Down The Childhood Basis For Trump's Love Of Dictators

Mary Trump went on CNN to explain the basis for Donald Trump's obsession with authoritarian dictators, which goes all the way back to his childhood.

Mike Johnson; 2024 White House Easter observance

American Egg Board Fact-Checks Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory About White House Easter Egg Contest

After right-wingers freaked out that overtly religious symbols were not allowed in egg designs for the White House's Easter egg contest, the American Egg Board issued a punny fact check.

Lara Trump; Donald Trump

Lara Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming People Were 'Better Off' Four Years Ago

After Lara Trump claimed Americans were better off four years ago than they are now, people gave her a reminder about what happened in 2020 on Donald Trump's watch.

Gerry Connolly; Donald Trump

Dem Rep Has Perfect Response To GOP Bill Naming D.C.-Area Airport After Trump

After House Republicans filed a bill to name Virginia's Dulles Airport after Donald Trump, Democratic Rep. Gerry Connelly suggested what should actually be named after the former President.

MAGA voter Emmett Martin; Nikki Haley

MAGA Fan Says He Didn't Vote For Haley Because Women Are Only Good For 'Having Babies'

NBC reporter Shaquille Brewster shared an interview with a Trump supporter about his reasons for not voting for Nikki Haley—and his sexist response left people stunned.

Nikki Haley; Donald Trump

Nikki Haley Hits Trump With Painfully Accurate Spirit Halloween Costume Meme

Nikki Haley releases brutal Spirit Halloween costume meme that calls Trump the 'Weakest General Election Candidate Ever.'

Jon Stewart with a photo of Donald Trump inset

Jon Stewart Masterfully Tears Apart Trump's Financial Fraud Defense In Epic Takedown

In his opening 'Daily Show' monologue Monday night, Jon Stewart ripped apart the primary defense Trump and his apologists have made since he was found liable for massive financial fraud: that it was a 'victimless crime.'

Joe Biden; Donald Trump; Nelson Mandela

Biden Campaign Fires Back After Trump Compares Himself To Nelson Mandela

After Donald Trump compared himself to Nelson Mandela, Jasmine Harris with the Biden-Harris campaign called Trump out.

Donald Trump; Mazi Pilip

Trump Mocks Losing GOP Candidate With Bizarre 'I Want To Be Loved!' Post—And No One Knows What He's Talking About

After Mazi Pilip lost the NY-03 special election to Tom Suozzi on Tuesday, Donald Trump took to Truth Social to mock her loss, and got roasted for a bizarrely personal admission.

Brian Butler; Donald Trump

Former Mar-A-Lago Employee Who Helped Trump Move Documents Rebuts Trump's Favorite Talking Point

Brian Butler, a former Mar-A-Lago employee named as 'Trump Employee 5' in Jack Smith's indictment, spoke out to CNN about the case.

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