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Donald Trump; Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley Slams Trump For Getting 'Confused Again' After Bizarre E. Jean Carroll Rant

Nikki Haley pounced after Donald Trump accused E. Jean Carroll of 'running for office' in bizarre rant.

Screenshot of Nikki Haley; Donald Trump

Nikki Haley Dragged After Saying Why She'd Pardon Trump: 'It's Not About Guilt Or Innocence'

Nikki Haley drew online users' ire after explaining why she would pardon Trump, and it has nothing to do with his 'guilt or innocence.'

Nikki Haley; Donald Trump

Nikki Haley Hits Trump With Painfully Accurate Spirit Halloween Costume Meme

Nikki Haley releases brutal Spirit Halloween costume meme that calls Trump the 'Weakest General Election Candidate Ever.'

Donald Trump; Nikki Haley

Trump Promotes 'Birther' Theory Claiming Nikki Haley Isn't Eligible To Be President

On Truth Social, Donald Trump shared a post by Gateway Pundit claiming Nikki Haley is not eligible to be President due to the immigration status of her parents when she was born.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Blacklists Nikki Haley Donors From 'The MAGA Camp'—And Everyone Had The Same Response

Donald Trump took to Truth Social threatening to blacklist Nikki Haley donors from the 'MAGA camp', which led many online to have the same snarky response.

Laura Loomer; Donald Trump

Pro-Trump Influencer Claims Iowa Caucuses Are Being 'Rigged' Using 'Weather Manipulation'—And Hoo Boy

Laura Loomer raised eyebrows with a bonkers conspiracy claiming the 'deep state' is in cahoots with Nikki Haley are manipulating the weather using HAARP 'weather manipulation' technology.

Fox News screenshot of Nikki Haley; Joe Biden

Nikki Haley Just Gave Joe Biden A New Campaign Ad With 'Go Union!' Diss

Nikki Haley thought calling Joe Biden 'the most pro-union president' was somehow harmful to Biden but most people thought otherwise.

Fox News screenshots of Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy

Nikki Haley's Insult To Vivek Ramaswamy During GOP Debate Has Everyone Nodding Hard

Haley and Ramaswamy got into a heated disagreement over TikTok during Wednesday night's second Republican presidential debate—and she ripped him with a zinger for the ages.

President Joe Biden; Nikki Haley

Biden Expertly Trolls Trump with Haley Debate Clip

Joe Biden posted a debate clip of Nikki Haley slamming Trump for adding $8 trillion to the national debt with a blunt three-word caption.

CNN screenshot of Jake Tapper and Nikki Haley

Jake Tapper Laughs In Haley's Face After She Tries To Make GOP Chaos About Joe Biden

Jake Tapper scoffed at Nikki Haley, reminding her that she 'can't blame this on Biden' after she tried to make the chaos in the House GOP about the President.

Ted Lieu; Nikki Haley

Dem Rep. Perfectly Shames Nikki Haley For Asking If Anyone Remembers 'How Simple Life Was' Growing Up

After Nikki Haley asked if people remembered 'how simple life was' when it was just about 'faith, family, and country,' Rep. Ted Lieu made her absolutely regret it.

Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Savagely Fact-Checks Trump After He Claims He Wins New Hampshire 'Every Time'

After Donald Trump said he won New Hampshire 'three times,' Hillary Clinton posted the results of 2016 and 2020 in which Trump lost both times.

Donald Trump; Kayleigh McEnany

Trump Slams 'RINO' Kayleigh McEnany After She Said Biden Had A 'Good Night' In NH

Donald Trump lashed out at his former Press Secretary after she saw chinks in his support based on New Hampshire exit polls.

Peter Doocy; President Joe Biden

Fox Reporter Touts New Poll Showing Biden Beating Trump—And The Host Was Not Having It

After Peter Doocy reported on the new Quinnipiac poll showing Joe Biden beating Donald Trump by 6 points, Ainsley Earhardt insisted 'that's an outlier, though, right?'

Donald Trump

Trump's Final Speech Before NH Primary Was An Incoherent Mess—And The Biden Campaign Pounced

Donald Trump slurred his way through a rambling low energy speech in Laconia, New Hampshire and the Biden campaign wasted no time mocking him for it.

Donald Trump

CNN Doctor Savagely Trolls Trump After He Brags About Passing 'Tough' Cognitive Test

After Donald Trump bragged about passing a cognitive test that was designed to detect signs of dementia, CNN's Jonathan Reiner took to X to offer a possible diagnosis of the former President.

Donald Trump

The RNC Just Declared Trump The 'Presumptive Nominee'—And Trump Was Not Having It

After the RNC declared Donald Trump the presumptove nominee, Trump rejected it saying he wanted to 'earn' the nomination.

Screenshots of Iowa Republicans stuffing votes into a paper bag

Video Of Iowa GOP Voters Putting Votes In A Paper Bag And Passing It Around Sparks Outrage

Video from the Iowa caucus in which people voted by stuffing pieces of paper into a paper bag caused people to call out the "voter integrity" crowd for hypocrisy.

Screenshot of Donald Trump

Donald Trump Promises 'Very Powerful Crime' In Freudian Slip For The Ages

During a Fox News town hall, Donald Trump said that in his second term, 'we're going to have very powerful crime.'

Donald Trump; Bob Vander Plaats

Trump Rips Evangelical Leader For 'Scamming Candidates' After DeSantis Endorsement—And Yeah, That Is Rich

Donald Trump accused Bob Vander Plaats of 'scamming candidates' on Truth Social after the evangelical leader endorsed Ron DeSantis for president.

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