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Greg Kelly and Donalf Trump

Newsmax Host Admits He 'Loves' Donald Trump After Interview—And It's So Cringe

After a meandering and bizarre interview, Newsmax host Greg Kelly admitted just how much he 'loves' Donald Trump—and people had thoughts.

Donald Trump

Newsmax Accidentally Tells The Truth About Trump's 'Degrading Rhetoric'—Readers Flip Out

After Newsmax posted a Reuters story that called out Trump's 'degrading rhetoric,' they had to delete the tweet when their own readers revolted.

Screenshot of Eric Bolling and Lara Trump

Lara Trump Claims Donald Trump 'Does Accept Election Results' In Bonkers Interview

Lara Trump went on Newsmax and gave an eye-opening response to Democrats' fear that Trump won't accept the results of the 2024 election.

Screenshot of Alina Habba; Donald Trump

Trump Lawyer's Words Come Back To Haunt Her After Trump Can't Secure $464 Million Bond

In a February Newsmax interview, Alina Habba insisted there will be 'no issues' securing a bond for Judge Engoron's judgment against him, but that turns out not to have been accurate.

Screenshot of Alina Habba; Donald Trump

Trump Lawyer Mocked After Suggesting Most Laughable Reason He Fell Asleep In Court

Alina Habba had the Internet cackling with her bonkers excuse for why Trump fell asleep in court this week.

screenshot of Greg Kelly commentary on Taylor Swift

Conservative Host Cites The Bible In Bizarre Rant Accusing Swifties Of Committing 'Sin'

Newsmax host Greg Kelly went off on a bizarre rant accusing Taylor Swift fans of 'idolotry,' saying it's a 'sin' in 'the Bible.'

Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz Sparks Backlash After Saying 'Julio And Jamaal' Will Make MAGA Movement More Diverse In Bonkers Rant

Rep. Matt Gaetz went on Newsmax to explain why the MAGA movement didn't need women since plenty of male voters of color are lining up to join.

Screenshot of Maria Bartiromo and Lara Trump

Lara Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming Ballots Shouldn't Be Counted 'After Elections Are Over'

After Lara Trump defended a lawsuit the RNC brought in Nevada blocking the counting of absentee votes that arrive after election day, Trump got an earful online.

Newsmax screenshot of Alina Habba

Trump Aide Accidentally Tells The Truth About Trump With Freudian Slip For The Ages

In an attempt to defend Donald Trump in the wake of his latest indictment, spokesperson Alina Habba said on Newsmax that Trump 'doesn't do what's right' before correcting herself.

Donald Trump

Trump Dragged For Bonkers Claim That 'Democrats Wanted' Roe V. Wade Overturned

Donald Trump's latest claim about abortion rights is that by oerturning Roe v. Wade, he was simply doing what 'Democrats' and 'Liberals' wanted.

Screenshot of Donald Trump

Trump Tried To Hit Biden Over The 'Supply Chain'—But It Backfired In Yet Another Verbal Gaffe

Donald Trump claimed 'everything worked' during his presidency in a muddled attempt at slamming Biden for 'supply chain' issues.

Newsmax screenshot of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK Jr. Claims The U.S. And China Are Developing 'Ethnic Bioweapons' In Unhinged Rant

RFK Jr. made waves after going on Newsmax and claiming to Greta Van Susteren that The U.S. and China are developing 'ethnic bioweapons' to attack people of certain races.

Newsmax screenshot of Eric Bolling and Ron DeSantis

Another Ron DeSantis Campaign Interview Just Totally Glitched—And He Got Mocked Hard

A day after his disastrous Twitter Spaces campaign launch, Ron DeSantis's Newsmax interview glitched as well.

Newsmax screenshot of Matt Gaetz and Alina Habba

Trump Lawyer Mocked For Self-Own Rant About Laws Used 'For Mobs' Being Used Against Trump

Alina Habba told Matt Gaetz that racketeering laws 'are what they do for mobs' without a hint of self-awareness.

GOP Rep. Predicts Trump Indictment Will 'Blow Over'–And Even Newsmax Host Wasn't Having It

GOP Rep. Predicts Trump Indictment Will 'Blow Over'–And Even Newsmax Host Wasn't Having It

Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney predicted Donald Trump's indictment would 'blow over' because he just wouldn't 'appear' in court.

Ron DeSantis; Donald Trump

DeSantis Mocked For Post Telling Team Trump Where They 'Can Buy A Pair Of Balls'

DeSantis spokeswoman Carly Atchison posted a meme of golf balls, suggestively trolling male members of Trump 's campaign.

John Schneider; Job Biden

Actor John Schneider Denies Threatening Biden After Calling For Him To Be 'Publicly Hung'

The Secret Service has opened a probe into John Schneider, who posted on X that he believes Joe and Hunter Biden should be 'publicly hung.'

Donald Trump

Republicans Are Now Recruiting Trump For Speaker Of The House—And What Could Go Wrong?

Sean Hannity announced on Fox that Republicans are actively recruiting Donald Trump for Speaker of the House after Kevin McCarthy's ouster, and he has expressed interest in the job.

Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis Just Flipped On Trump In Tearful Statement—And People Are Not Having It

After ex-Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty in the Georgia RICO case against Donald Trump with a tearful statement, people online were not exactly sympathetic.

Trump Lashes Out At Laura Ingraham Over Poll Number 'Hit Piece'—And Get Out The Popcorn

Trump Lashes Out At Laura Ingraham Over Poll Number 'Hit Piece'—And Get Out The Popcorn

After Laura Ingraham covered Trump's weakness against Biden in swing states, Trump lashed out claiming he polls better against Biden than 'DeSanctus.'

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