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Courtroom Reportedly Erupts In Laughter As Lawyer Reads Michael Cohen Tweets Mocking Trump

Courtroom Reportedly Erupts In Laughter As Lawyer Reads Michael Cohen Tweets Mocking Trump

Trump's attorney, Todd Blanche, entered a serious of tweets and retweets from Michael Cohen mocking the ex-President into evidence, which reportedly drew laughs from the courtroom

Donald Trump and attorney Todd Blanche outside courtroom

Trump Called Out For Accidentally Admitting To Major Part Of Hush Money Scheme

During a rant outside the courtroom about the Stormy Daniels NDA, Donald Trump may have accidentally admitted to a major claim of the prosecution.

Screenshot of Jon Stewart; Donald Trump

Jon Stewart Had The Perfect Response After Trump Appeared To Fall Asleep In Court On Monday

After Donald Trump appeared to fall asleep during the first day of his hush money trial, Jon Stewart laid into him for 'committing so many crimes that you get bored at your own trial.'

Eric Trump; Donald Trump

Eric Trump Gets Brutal Fact-Check After He Offers Blatantly False Defense Of Trump's 'Hush Money' Payments

After Eric Trump got the timeline of Donald Trump's corrupt scheme to influence the 2016 election with hush money payments wrong on Fox, people clapped back with instant fact-checks.

Fox News screenshot of Alina Habba; Donald Trump

Trump Lawyer Called Out For Hilarious Self-Own After Trump Trial Criticism

Alina Habba went on Fox to discredit Stormy Daniels' testimony in Donald Trump's election interference trial, but just ended up owning herself.

Donald Trump; Stormy Daniels

Trump Rages Online After Finding Out Stormy Daniels Is Testifying—And Then Promptly Deletes It

After being threatened with jail if he violates his gag order again, Trump deleted a post ripping Judge Merchan over Stormy Daniels being called as a witness.

Screenshot of Alina Habba; Donald Trump

Trump Lawyer Mocked After Suggesting Most Laughable Reason He Fell Asleep In Court

Alina Habba had the Internet cackling with her bonkers excuse for why Trump fell asleep in court this week.

Jesse Watters; Donald Trump

Jesse Watters Accidentally Tells The Truth About Trump's Election Interference Crime—And People Are Cackling

After Jesse Watters seemed to accurately describe the crime Donald Trump is on trial for, people mocked him for saying the quiet part out loud.

Donald Trump

Trump Shares 'Beautiful' Message From Supporter Comparing Him To Jesus—Because Of Course He Did

Donald Trump shared on Truth Social a message from a Christian supporter who claimed Trump was like Jesus in Psalm 109:3-8.

Evan Corcoran; Rudy Giuliani; Michael Cohen

MAGA: Make Attorneys Get Attorneys—The Fates Of The Trump Legal Team

Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran now needs a very good one.

Donald Trump

Trump Comes For Forbes Magazine After He Falls Off Their 'Richest Americans' List

Donald Trump called 'Forbes' magazine a 'China propaganda machine' after he fell off their Top 400 Richest Americans list.

Donald Trump at the start of his civil fraud trial at New York State Supreme Court on October 02, 2023 in New York City

Trump Lawyer Says Trump Will Testify In Fraud Case—And Everyone Had The Same Response

Donald Trump was widely mocked after Trump family lawyer Clifford Robert told Judge Engoron that he will testify in the Trump Org fraud trial.

Ted Lieu; Donald Trump

Dem Rep. Calls Out Trump's 'Cesspool Of Corruption' In Brutal Takedown Of House GOP

Rep. Ted Lieu had FBI Director Christopher Wray confirm it was Trump's own Attorneys General who prosecuted Trump's corrupt

MSNBC screenshot of Ari Melber and Drew Findling

Another Trump Lawyer Just Went On MSNBC To Defend Trump–And It Went As Well As You'd Expect

Trump defense lawyer Drew Findling appeared on MSNBC's The Beat but was no match for host Ari Melber.

Eric Trump appears on a Fox News broadcast alongside 3 Fox News hosts. The lower third graphic reads "Eric Trump reacts to his father's indictment."

Eric Trump Claims People On Plane Hugged Him After Indictment–And Everyone Had The Same Response

Eric Trump tells Fox that fellow airline passengers were 'giving me hugs' after the indictment.

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