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Mary Trump; Donald Trump

Mary Trump Slams Her Uncle As The 'Death Candidate' In Epic Takedown: 'Let's Choose Life'

In the wake of the Supreme Court's bump stock ruling, Mary Trump called the Republican Party the 'pro-death party' and labeled Donald Trump 'the death candidate' in a plea to voters to 'choose life.'

Mary Trump; Donald Trump

Mary Trump Breaks Down The Childhood Basis For Trump's Love Of Dictators

Mary Trump went on CNN to explain the basis for Donald Trump's obsession with authoritarian dictators, which goes all the way back to his childhood.

Chris Christie; Donald Trump

Chris Christie Reveals What Has Him Convinced That Trump Is 'Going To Be Convicted'

After Mark Meadows reportedly took an immunity deal from Special Counsel Jack Smith in Trump's federal Jan. 6 case, Chris Christie told 'Morning Joe' why he thinks 'it's over' for the former President.

Jon Stewart; Donald Trump

Jon Stewart Hilariously Claps Back At Claim He 'Overvalued' His Property Like Trump Did

In a post on X, Jon Stewart fired back at conservatives who claimed he was being hypocritical when he criticized Donald Trump for overvaluing assets, since he sold his apartment for more than its assessed value.

Eric Swalwell; screenshot of Trump gaffe supercut

Democrats Play Withering Supercuts Of Confused Trump During Hearing—And Trump Just Responded

During a House Judiciary hearing on Robert Hur's report on Biden's retention of classified documents, Reps. Jerry Nadler and Eric Swalwell played brutal supercuts of Donald Trump's many gaffes and memory lapses.

Eric Swalwell; Donald Trump

Dem Rep's Blunt Response To Trump's Unhinged Mother's Day Message Is All Of Us

Eric Swalwell had a relatable message for everyone after Trump wished a Happy Mother's Day to 'Mothers, Wives and Lovers of Radical Left Fascists.'

Nikki Haley and Donald Trump

Nikki Haley Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming 'I Don't Put Up With Bullies' In Presidential Announcement Video

Nikki Haley, who served as Donald Trump's U.N. Ambassador, gets dragged for claiming 'I don't put up with bullies' in her presidential announcement video.

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