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William Barr; Donald Trump' John Kelly

Team Biden Trolls Trump With Brutal Thread Of All Former Trump Officials Who Now Oppose Him—And Hoo Boy

The Biden-Harris HQ X account shared an epic thread quoting former members of Donald Trump's administration who no longer support him, including Bill Barr, John Kelly and Mick Mulvaney.

Donald Trump

CNN Aired Audio Of Trump Showing Off 'Confidential' Information—And Trump Isn't Handling It All That Well

After CNN aired leaked audio of Trump showing off material he deems 'highly confidential,' Trump lashed out at 'deranged' Jack Smith on Truth Social.

screenshot of Chip Roy and the hosts of "Fox and Friends" on Fox News

Pro-Trump Rep. Lists Two Things Military Should Focus On Rather Than 'Wokeness'–And Yeah, That Tracks

GOP Representative Chip Roy went on Fox News to urge the military to 'blow things up and kill people' rather than focusing on 'rainbow bullets.'

Elon Musk

Elon Musk Tries To Cover His Tracks After Being Called Out For Amplifying Russian Propaganda

Elon Musk asks Twitter Community Notes to factcheck Russian Market's tweet claiming 150,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed—which appears to be Russian propaganda—after tweeting back to the account.

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