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Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Calls Out 'Cruelty' Of 'Pro-Life Movement' After Texas Woman Is Denied Emergency Abortion

Ann Coulter lashed out at the 'cruelty' of the 'pro-life movement' after Kate Cox, whose fetus was diagnosed with fatal trisomy 18, was denied an emergency abortion by the Texas Supreme Court.

Twitter screenshots of a reportedly intoxicated Dade Phelan

TX House Speaker Accused Of 'Intoxication' After Slurring His Words In Viral Video—But People Aren't So Sure

After Texas AG Ken Paxton urged Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan to resign due to 'debilitating intoxication,' other videos of Phelan call the accusation into question.

Ken Paxton

Texas' Attorney General Tried To Get Data On Transgender Texans–And Now He Won't Say Why

Records show AG Ken Paxton's office sought to learn the number of Texans who changed their sex on their driver's licenses.

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