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Naomi Biden; Screenshot of Jesse Watters

Hunter Biden's Daughter Lashes Out At Fox Host For 'Over The Line' Rant About Joe Biden

After Jesse Watters claimed Joe Biden wasn't a 'good father,' Naomi Biden took to X to slam Watters for 'crossing the line.'

Dan Crenshaw; Screenshot of Jesse Watters

GOP Rep Eviscerates 'Clown' Fox Host In Brutal Instagram Takedown After Corruption Allegation

Dan Crenshaw took to Instagram to call out Jesse Watters after he implied Crenshaw was among members of Congress who were illegally trading stocks.

Tarot card reader guest on Fox News; tarot card; Donald Trump

Fox News Had A Tarot Card Reader On To Predict Trump's 2024—And It Backfired Perfectly

When Fox host Jesse Watters had a tarot card reader on to predict 'what's in store for Trump in 2024,' she drew the Five of Cups, and it was almost too perfect.

Fox News screenshot of Jesse Watters discussing Donald Trump's mugshot

Fox News Host Fawns Over Trump's "Hard" Mugshot

The Fox New host admired how 'good' and 'hard' the former President looks in his mugshot after he surrended to authorities in Georgia over his plot to overturn the 2020 election.

Joe Biden; Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Joe Biden Hilariously Trolls Far Right Conspiracists After Chiefs Win The Super Bowl

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Joe Biden used a Dark Brandon meme on X to troll right-wing conspiracy theorists who posited that Democrats rigged it to enable a Taylor Swift endorsement.

Taylor Swift; Donald Trump

Taylor Swift Applauded After Old Tweet Ripping Trump For 'Threatening Violence' Resurfaces

Mark Hamill reminded X of a 2020 tweet by Taylor Swift ripping Donald Trump for saying 'when the looting starts the shooting starts.'

Fox News screenshot of Jesse Watters; Barack Obama

Fox News Host Ripped After Claiming Obama Doesn't Look At Things 'From An American Perspective'

Jesse Watters brought up Obama's childhood in Hawaii and his dad's 'roots in Africa' as proof that he has a globalist view on things.

A file photo from OceanGate depicts the Titan submersible descending in the ocean

Yes, Conservatives Are Now Blaming 'Wokeness' For Titanic Submersible Disaster

Joey Mannarino was blasted online for tweeting that 'wokeness killed the people on that submarine' after debris of OceanGate submersible was detected.

Screenshot of Jesse Watters

Fox News Host Slammed After Saying He 'Can Tell' If An Immigrant Is 'Illegal' Just By Looking At Them

Jesse Watters sparked outrage after recounting how he saw an 'illegal immigration family digging through the trash to look for recyclables' on his way to work.

Jesse Watters and Rachel Campos-Duffy of Fox News inset in screenshot of John Oliver from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

John Oliver Perfectly Shames Fox Guest For Asking Why Julia Roberts Isn't In East Palestine

After being informed that Erin Brockovich was on the ground in East Palestine, Ohio, Rachel Campos-Duffy asked 'But where's Julia Roberts?'

Newsmax screenshot of Matt Gaetz and Alina Habba

Trump Lawyer Mocked For Self-Own Rant About Laws Used 'For Mobs' Being Used Against Trump

Alina Habba told Matt Gaetz that racketeering laws 'are what they do for mobs' without a hint of self-awareness.

Jeanine Pirro; Hunter Biden

Fox Host Asks Why Hunter Biden Is 'Always In Our Face' In Mind-Numbing Rant

People could not believe the gall of Jeanine Pirro for asking why Hunter Biden is 'always in our face' when it's Fox News who are the ones fixated on him.

Fox News screenshot of Jesse Watters and Alina Habba discussing Donald Trump's indictment

Trump Lawyer Says She's 'Ashamed To Be A Lawyer' After Trump Indictment—And Everyone Had The Same Response

After Donald Trump was indicted on 7 criminal counts by prosecutor Jack Smith, his lawyer Alina Habba went on Fox to declare she's 'embarrassed to be a lawyer.'

Fox News screenshot of Tucker Carlson and Jesse Kelly discussing Chelsea Handler's video

Fox News Guest Has Unhinged Meltdown Over The Fact That Chelsea Handler Doesn't Want Kids

Conservative podcast host Jesse Kelly unleashed a sexist tirade on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show over the fact that the comedian—or any woman for that matter—could live a fulfilling life without bearing children.

Fox News screenshot of Pete Hegseth discussing his Bud Light boycott

Fox Host Confesses His Epic Bud Light Boycott Fail Live On Air–And No One's Surprised

Pete Hegseth admitted on Fox that he replaced his Bud Light with another Anheuser Busch beer.

Jesse Watters; Mike Pence

Fox News Hosts Say The Quiet Part Out Loud After Pence Is Found With Classified Documents Too

Hosts of 'The Five' complained 'now we have to show both sides' after classified documents are found at Mike Pence's home

Fox News screenshot of Karl Rove

Karl Rove Just Went On Fox News To Defend Biden Over Classified Documents Accusations

Karl Rove broke out a white board on Fox News to explain why government documents found at Penn Biden Center are not at all comparable to Trump's Mar-a-Lago documents scandal.

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